Another Week Down


Another week down and time is running out for Trump. How do we see it?

Still an electoral sweep for Hillary. Toss up states going her way. National polls range her way from 2 to 11 points. We think it’s a 6 to 7 lead today.

Republicans will lose the senate. Three months ago we saw a 50/50 senate with VP the deciding vote. We think that is the best Republicans can hope for.

We think they will hold the house but lose close to 20 seats closing the gap to 10. That will at least keep Nancy Pelosi from regaining Speaker role.

Events of course can alter things, but the gap seems too large to make up.

================== NEWS OF THE DAY =====================

Wiki Leakes had its internet cut off today. Is this the retaliation that Joe Biden promised? Wow that will show the Russians.

Wiki Leakes isn’tĀ getting much coverage in the MSM. I wonder why? The Clintons have made the releases about the Russians and not what the emails say. I think Wiki Leakes may be saving it’s best stuff. Would it surprise anyone they have the Clinton deleted 33,000 emails?

Was the timing of the Mosul attack tied to the election? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Kind of like Obamacare billing changes begin Nov 1. Just a week before the election. Of course the real bills don’t come due until next year. Then watch out. Hillary (and Bernie) want a single payer government run system. Get ready. We have a government run healthcare. It’s called the VA system. How’s that working out?

I still think there’s more to Hillary’s health than we know. The MSM however is going along with the fact she is off the trail for “debate prep”. What. again four days? It raises questions for me. The Washington Times has a story this AM on her health, which raises theories and questions. You won’t see on the MSM because Trump said someone was wearing an ugly dress.

Wednesday’s debate will change nothing. Trump won the last one going away but the media decided she won and that he stalked her.

Has anyone lost more of their reputation this year than FBI Director Comey?

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