We’ve talked about how Republicans have walked away from Donald Trump and not a single Democrat has walked from Hillary. Why?
You can answer for yourself but here’s a little history fresh in my mind that set the pattern.

We all know about Democrat Ted Kennedy and the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident resulting in the death of a young woman. Despite going home and sleeping it off before reporting anything and amid the sex allegations he walked. He not only won reelection until his death in 2009, but he came close to beating Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Democratic Primary.

In 1983 Congress had a scandal. In July that year the House Ethics Committee recommended that Rep. Dan Crane (R-IL) and Rep. Gerry Studds (D-MA) be reprimanded for having engaged in sexual relationships with minors, specifically 17-year-old congressional pages. The Congressional Report found that in 1980,  Crane had sex four or five times at his suburban apartment with a female page. Studds had a male page to his Georgetown apartment and later on a two-week trip to Portugal. Both representatives admitted to the charges.

Democrat Rep. Gerry Studds was reelected by Massachusetts voters for six more terms.
Republican Daniel Crane was defeated for re-election the next election.

Democrat Rep. Barney Frank. The Massachusetts Democrat hired a male prostitute who ran a prostitution service from Frank’s residence in the 1980s. Only two Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to censure him in 1990. He won reelection every year until retiring in 2013.

Democrat Rep. Fred Richmond was arrested for soliciting sex from a 16-year-old. He won reelection twice before resigning in 1982, only after pleading guilty to tax evasion and drug possession.

Republican Rep. Bob Livingston was about to assume the house speakership when during the Bill Clinton impeachment trial he announced he was resigning because he had an affair. Instead of becoming speaker he quit. Democrat Bill Clinton stayed in office and won great support in his party.

And now we are about to elect his wife and give them the keys to the White House.

Do you see a pattern here?

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