Drip, Drip, DRIP


Just as we discussed, the drip, drip drip is underway. Five women accused Trump this AM. It turns the news from Wiki Leakes releases to him. Forget proven media collaboration with the Clinton camp. Stop the talk of religious bias. Latino comments? Not as important as Trump women. The Clinton team are masters with their media friends. Think of what they have done.

They changed the Wiki releases from exposure of them to the Russians. It’s not what the memos say, it’s the Russians hacking us. The media has taken up that mantra. Do you think maybe Obama and Clinton failed at cyber security?

Trump recovering from the video? (Rasmussen today is going to say he got back to even). No problem, release more women who say he attacked them. They have more to come.

I don’t feel sorry for Trump, he probably did most of what they say he did. He was and is an egotistical maniac and his actions are coming home to roost. He deserves what he is getting. He should never have been nominated.

I do feel anger about the media though. They present these women and give them credibility. Yet they refuse to discuss or air the women who accuse Bill and Hillary of the same thing, if not worse. Why? They won’t air them because they say it is decades old and can’t be proven. And what is different about the Trump accusers? Oh it supports your beliefs, I see.

Clinton supporters relish in Trump trash but dismiss Clinton stories. I repeat my position when I called Trump to withdraw.
I can’t be for Trump and against Clinton for the same reasons.
That logic doesn’t apply to people on the left and their friends in the media.

It’s a bad situation for conservatives. I have predicted the senate was going to turn over. Daily the House is coming more into play. I said we will wake up Nov. 9th with Hillary Clinton as President, Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader in the Senate and a far left Supreme Court. The daily drumbeat ahead requires a close watch to see if we¬†wake up with Nancy Pelosi back as House Leader.

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