The Beat Goes On


Nothing new to report. We feel like the election process has caught up to our months long prediction of a Democratic electoral landslide. The polls reflecting the impact of the Trump video release show a double digit Hillary lead. That part is over.

Is the MSM fair? Here’s a stat and you judge. The Trump tape and Wiki Leakes emails broke within an hour of each other. With email releases each day since. Well, on the three networks CBS, NBC, ABC the coverage time for each since is this. 198 minutes on the tapes. 13 minutes on the email content.

With the MSM coverage and anti Trump sentiment aided by Republican leadership, the Republican party will lose control of the senate. The Democrats needed four seats and it will happen. Illinois and Wisconsin were locks. Now Indiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Missouri and Pa, look like they could go. The Democrats will have a great night and Chuck Schumer will be the new majority leader.

The question of Democrats picking up 30 seats in the house and gaining control is now in play. It is suddenly possible. You can count on a 20 seat pick up for sure.

The good news for Trump supporters is …….. nothing that I can see. He will be lucky to recover his past support (45%) and may top out at 40% now.

The Clinton team has more damaging Trump material to release. They’re just waiting for a hit on her they need to deflect or when his supporters are back.

Wiki Leakes is doing daily drops of damaging Clinton emails. No one seems to care and the MSM is not covering it as they would a Trump release. A few stories below in case you missed them to illustrate what is in the leaks. Think how smart the Clinton operators are. They are making the leaks about Russia and getting away with it.

Why do you think so many Republicans have walked away from Trump on moral grounds and not a single Democrat has done the same from Hillary?

Here’s a Wiki Leakes story on the head of the Univision network working with the Hillary camp. And they complain about Fox?

Here’s another where CBS agreed not to ask John Kerry about the emails.

Remember back to the primary we were urging Rubio and said the Dems and MSM wanted Trump because she could beat him? Wiki Leakes memo:

Some inner working detail on the Hillary campaign from Wiki Leakes.

Information on the Wall Street speeches. The “private vs public” positions

Look at this Chelsea story and what she was called inside the offices.

Look what they say the Clintons have ready for Trump.

Another Bush Granddaughter has endorsed Hillary. When the election is over and the party decides direction they should remember this.

Rumors persist that some in the FBI are really angry at the email probe. (it wouldn’t matter the MSM would call them disloyal and dismiss it all).

In the meantime eight police officers were murdered in nine days. How much coverage did you see on that?


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