Tapes and Wiki Leakes


As the story breaks here are my immediate thoughts:

I cannot abhor Bill Clinton’s actions and support Donald Trump. I have to be consistent. They are one of the same.

The tape says it all and I am sure as part of the drip drip planned there are more to come. He is indefensible.

In my opinion he should quit the race. Barring that he is heading to a massive defeat that will take down so many good people with him.

The party leadership should meet, let Pence step up (before his future is ruined trying to defend Trump) and choose a running mate immediately. They have four weeks. It will be a disaster, but not as bad as the one Trump is leading them into.

=================== Now The Wiki Leakes Notes ================

Hillary Clinton is just a born liar and can never be trusted. You don’t know she is lying until she stops talking.

Her private words versus her public ones are incredible.

She doesn’t deserve the keys to the White House and leadership for the American people.

The difference here is everyone will focus on Trump. Republicans will rightly so run from him. Democrats will not pay attention to the leaked memo’s and support Hillary loudly.

Some Trump supporters will try and equate him to Bill Clinton. It won’t matter to Democrats and Clinton supporters. Unlike Republicans who will see wrong in Trump they won’t see the same in Bill.


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