Hillary Practices, Trump Paces


So everything pauses now as America watches the storm and readies for the Sunday debate. Trump has it all riding on it. More people than ever are not sure he has what it takes to be President. Hillary surely has some new surprise attacks ready. The odds are with her.

One argument in the election is who and how many refugees from the war torn area to let in the country. Trump wants a limited amount with “extreme vetting” with the creation of safe zone areas there. Hillary favors a dramatic increase. Here’s a sorta related story on some Afghan troops we brought here to train. Forty-four of them have gone missing in the country.

You know we have been harping on the potential impact on Congress if Trump gets beaten badly. We’re not alone. The Republican party is starting to panic.

Does Trump have a trick up his sleeve with taxes? This story says he files each year in October due to an extension he gets. Will he release a pristine 2015 return this month to answer critics? I doubt it, but some believe he will.

Hillary sure prepared to run. She released her 2015 forms and paid a 31% federal rate. The Clintons are slick if nothing else.

You know one advantage that Trump does have is an enthusiasm advantage with his supporters. His rallies are SRO and his people will vote. Hillary’s rallies are much smaller and less enthusiastic. Here’s a story where only 125 people showed up for Chelsea’s rally yesterday.

Here’s a look at Business Insider’s electoral map as of today. You don’t need my comments to get the picture.

Here’s an example of how Obamacare is unraveling in one state. Tennessee is a mess. Bill Clinton opened this door wide and it’s going to be an issue.

Enjoy the show Sunday night.

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