The VP Debate


Mike Pence steadied the Trump ship and the poll erosion will cease until at least Sunday and the second presidential debate.

Pence was the adult in the room for this debate. Kaine brought his attack and talking points but his rudeness in constantly interrupting did not go over well. His strategy was to keep throwing Trump bombs, while Pence spoke. Two reasons why. First keep telling viewers what and how bad Trump was and hope Pence gets into a fight about it. Second was to try and keep Trump center stage and not allow Hillary’s actions to come up.

What Pence showed was how a professional and knowledgeable  conservative can debate and win. He won the night. You know that and I do.

Now CNN immediately after the debate tried to spin it to Kaine. They continued this AM. ABC Good Morning America did a hatchet job on Pence and tried their best to boost Kaine. I think I know who Hillary meant when she said “deplorable” people.

Remember the post spin means everything. The past ten days the MSM has spun the first Presidential debate to a 3-1 Hillary win. They are going to try to steer this one to an even night.

So Pence stopped the bleeding. His biggest issue was trying to navigate the things Trump has said and done. Imagine if Republicans had nominated a candidate who focused on issues and had mouth control. This election would be so different.

Thus we head to Sunday and I caution Republicans not to get too excited. Trump taking questions and answering without notes is dangerous by itself. Trump having to answer policy questions like that is not his strength. I don’t think he knows the issues well know to fill two minutes with each question, much less argue them with Hillary.

Finally the moderator last night. Once again we had a left leaning favoritism as I saw it.



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