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Tuesday’s AM blog early.

Interesting news of the day.

Isn’t this funny. The Clinton’s used the same tax write off as Trump for $700,000 in 2013. Wonder if this the lead story on the MSM tonight.

On taxes, Hillary wants to raise by 4% the high earner federal tax rate and the estate tax to 65%.  Can someone ask her and her friends what fair tax is to them.

Obamacare continues to head toward disaster. Who says so? The NYTimes today. Wait, you mean the detractors who raised the issues were right? The next President is going to face all the financial issues that were delayed until 2017.

The Clinton newspaper of record, the NYTimes, ran a story of Hillary’s role in the Bill Clinton women problem. You can see and read it here. She played a major role in attacking the women. Why can’t Trump explain this right? Why does the MSM cover it up?

Because you may need a laugh, and with Bill Clinton you never know. Here’s a funny story about a young African American who says Bill is his Dad. For your reading pleasure.

Here are two stories that show you the difference between the Democrats and Republicans this year. Story one, Hillary hits Bernie supporters. Bernie defends her and encourages his people to get out and vote for her.

Story two: Another Bush backs Clinton. Did you see Barbara Bush (the daughter) was at a Clinton campaign fund raiser next to Huma Abedin in a photo captioned “we’re with her”? Speaking of deplorable. I still can’t understand how a Bush after all the name calling and charges that the Clinton’s, Reid’s, Obama’s etc called them can back a Democrat. When they called them all that, who defended them? The Bushes are done in the new party that will emerge from this election.

Speaking of the emerging party, the conservative movement has to realign. We all hear they can’t win without Florida. Here’s a story in today’s NYTimes on the changing Hispanic graphic in Florida. The Cuban population was fully Republican conservative. The newer Hispanic group is Democratic. Demographics are going to force change or we have seen the last non Democratic President for a long time. Remember it was George W. who said he feared he was the last Republican President. If there are anymore like him and his Dad let’s hope so.

Want a cute reminder of the Hillary scandals? Watch this.

Just a question. With the endowments they have why is it that we taxpayers should pay a higher tax to support free college? So Harvard has a $36 billion endowment and I should pay more tax for someone to attend for free?  Someone help me. Here’s an endowment list.

A hard hitting columnist in the NYPost (Phil Mushnik) had an interesting view about some pro atheltes and their feelings about the flag and things. Here’s his words on NY Knick Joakim Noah and his refusal of dinner with West Point Cadets as his team trained up there. Pretty clear.
“Noah’s in need of history lesson

New Knick Joakim Noah is another wise fool who thinks the world began on the day he was born.

His refusal, Thursday, to attend a team dinner with West Point cadets on the grounds that war kills the young was as staggeringly short-sighted as it was colossally naïve.

Noah is the son of a black Frenchman, the tennis great Yannick Noah, the latter born in 1960 — 16 years after the free-world’s military, including West Point men, drove the Nazis out of France at a cost of thousands of dead or wounded young men.

The likelihood of Noah’s father being born, or born free and to achieve any kind of success in Nazi/Vichy master race France, is incalculable but tiny. Perhaps the best Yannick Noah could have hoped for was a life as a slave laborer.

Yes, young men die in war. The World War II U.S. military cemetery in Normandy, on France’s western coast, contains the graves of 9,387, mostly young Americans. St. James, the U.S. military cemetery in nearby Brittany, contains the remains of 4,410 mostly young military men. The vast majority, some so shattered in combat as to be identified as “Known Only to God,” were killed from the start of D-Day, the start of the liberation of France.

There are many more killed-in-action young American WWII military buried throughout France.

And Joakim Noah owes to them his very existence”.

Last Wiki Leakes holding a video conference tomorrow to discuss the future of Wiki Leakes. We’ll see if there is more.



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