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This election is over, all that is left is the size of electoral vote and how many in Congress go down. The size of her win will likely now take the senate with her. So Supreme Court, Senate and Presidency seems likely.  A narrowing of the Congressional majority too.

The Clinton machine is smart, devious and have a drip drip strategy to blast from here on in. Every few days a new story, feed the press and keep him on the run. They are far outclassing Trump and his team.

Then add Trump’s egotistical personality and need to defend himself from every small charge and they have a supporter in their opponent.

The VP debate tomorrow may slow things because Pence is a pro and will hold his own. Sunday though in a Town Hall this will all repeat itself. Hillary’s strength is this forum. Trump unplugged answering tough planted questions in a forum he never did …….

Those awaiting the Julian Assange Wiki Leakes drop tomorrow is your day of hope. He had cancelled a release out of what he said was danger in doing it from a balcony. He then rescheduled it via a video conference. He does not say what the content is. It could be more DNC memos or some bigger release he promised. To have any impact it has be incredible and as we’ve stated the Clinton’s go up to the line but never over it.

No good news for Trumpers this AM. Sorry

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