Month: October 2016

Buckle up for the next 7 days ….


Seven days to the day, except of course if you’re one of the 20 million who already voted. Now why was that a good idea again?
With all I expect to occur this week I wouldn’t recommend anyone do anything until the day they call “election day”.

The polls this AM show:
ABC has Clinton up 1. (Same as yesterday) Trump is at a high here with 45
IBD has Clinton up 1 (Down 1 from yesterday) Trump is at 44
Rasmussen has Clinton up 3. (That’s plus 3 from Friday). Trump at 42.

Notice that Trump still has never led in this race and hasn’t cracked 45%.

The Clinton camp keeps pounding Comey and the FBI. They want him to release all he has, knowing full well he can’t while he is investigating. But united they try to make the FBI the enemy. The ever untruthful Harry Reid was out yesterday saying “Comey may have broken the law”. The same Harry Reid who went to the senate chamber (because you cannot be sued for what you say in the chamber) to say “The word is out, Romney did not pay taxes”. He knew he was lying and when asked about it later said “well he didn’t win did he”. Hillary and team, you want the truth out? Okay, put Huma before the cameras. She can answer questions. Let her release the emails they want the FBI too. She knows what’s on her home server and what her husband had access to. She knows what she did. Go ahead get it out there. While she’s at it, why doesn’t Hillary join her you too. Take it on, go ahead. You want transparency, act upon it. We’ll all watch.

This AM a number of Democrats joined Harry Reid in calling for prosecution of Jim Comey for violating the Hatch Act. Imagine, they want the man they called the most honest in America to be locked up because he thinks Hillary might be a crook. You couldn’t make this up. By the way where were they and Harry saying this when AG Lynch and met with President Clinton on the tarmac?

Can you imagine where we might end up here. If Hillary wins, she will be elected while under FBI criminal investigation. Our President elect will be moving toward January 20th while the FBI finishes its work. No matter the outcome, half the country will be convinced she is a criminal. Would Obama pardon her for the good of the country? Would people accept that? Would Obama pardon Huma and everyone else involved to “get this behind us”? Can a President be impeached for something they did before she was elected? Can she pardon herself? Would she pardon Huma and others? Can the country take all that? Would it accept it? Would you?

And I repeat, twenty million people already voted. The best estimate is she is ahead in the early vote by 15%. We need voter reform alright.

By the way, if you were Huma and were now facing real charges and probable jail time what would you do? You were working for someone who set up the server. You supported her. You did your job, loyally. You have a small child and now you face jail time. Do you just go to jail or do you offer to cooperate and tell the truth for a guarantee of no jail time? Do you trust the Clintons will be with you until the end? That they won’t  sell you out? Or do you protect yourself?

Around the bend they come …



So we come around the final bend and who knows what next week holds.

Here’s what the polls say Sunday morning:
– ABC says it’s Clinton by 1. (An 11 point Trump gain one week)
– IBD says it’s Clinton by 2 (it was 4 yesterday)
– The LATimes has Trump by 2
So close.
This reflects Trump voters returning and his getting back to 43-45 range Hillary dropping to the 44 -46 range.

The NYTimes headline today is this:
Hillary Clinton Assails James Comey, Calling Email Decision ‘Deeply Troubling’.
That is also the attack mode of her team on the Sunday AM shows. The man they once called a saint is now the devil.

However, Hillary Clinton has no one to blame but herself. As those of you old enough to remember a show Dragnet, “Just The Facts Madam, just the facts”
Hillary you were the one set up a private server to hide your emails
You were the one who stonewalled when it was discovered
You were the one who lied about it and the devices used
You were the one who after being subpoenaed deleted 33,000 emails
You were the one who Bleach Bit your machine to assure no recovery
You were the one who smashed, destroyed and lost the other devices
You were the one who denied ever having classified material on devices
You were the one who celebrated the FBI Director not charging you
You were the one who hired Huma to be your chief of staff
You were the one who allowed her access to the documents
You are responsible for her having documents on her home computer
Mrs Clinton it was your action, your cover up, your stone walling that has created this mess. You owe it not the FBI.
Now you want everything released? Really?
Oh and you want it immediately! I see.
And you continued lying on Friday telling the nation the FBI letter went to only Republican leaders. Nice try.

With nine days to go who knows what each side has ready to hit the other with. Campaigns usually save the best for last and I am sure these two have. What a week ahead.

As for the 20 million who have already voted my only comment is this. I think early voting months in advance is ridiculous and a scam. More on that another day, but if you ever on trial, make sure you don’t have one of those 20 million on the jury. They make judgements way before the facts are in.

Drip, drip…. BOOM!


Just a few quick Saturday AM thoughts.

Jim Comey the darling of Hillary and the Democrats is now a what? Wow, how things change.

Yesterday AM Hillary was picking her cabinet. Oh she liked Joe Biden for Secretary of State. (Forget he has been wrong on foreign policy his entire career). By the afternoon she was hiding Huma and demanding something foreign to her. Transparency from the FBI.

What this means we’ll see. The emails are to and from Huma, My gut is Huma is in big trouble. She may be headed for a cell next to her Mr. Weiner. If she had classified documents on her home server she is done. The emails better be the wedding and yoga ones Hillary talked about. Will the emails touch Hillary, that we don’t know.

Some polls this AM. You’ll find this funny:
The ABC poll is now down to Hillary plus 2. Isn’t ABC touting that Trump comeback from 12 down Sunday?
The LATimes has Trump plus 2.
IBD (most accurate four years ago) has Hillary plus 3.

Let’s see what the weekend brings.

And down the stretch we come …


And down the stretch we come as the polls now all show a tighter race.

Congratulations to ABC, who on Sunday AM and their shows touted a 12 point Clinton lead. We questioned that poll and the noise they made with it. Well on Tuesday they said it was down to 9. On Thursday they said it was it 6. This morning they caught up to us and said it was 4.
Now if they touted 12 as right, shouldn’t they be talking about the unbelievable Trump comeback that is now down to 4? Did you hear it?

Polls released this AM show the following:
LATimes has Trump by 2
IBD has Clinton by 3
ABC as noted has Clinton by 4
Gravis has Clinton by 1

We think it’s still Clinton by 4, but it could move lower over the weekend if Trump stays away from controversy to feed the MSM, and they are forced to cover the Wiki Leakes information.

Can Trump win and what’s that inside straight we referenced yesterday? It’s this:
He has to win all the states Romney did which means holding places like:
North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Georgia. In two of these he trails today.
That would give him 206 electoral votes. So he then needs to add:
Florida (he is down today) and Ohio for 47 more. That gets him to 253
From there he needs to add 17. Where does he get it from? His best shots:
Iowa (6) a toss up today. Nevada (6) where he is down.
Where he gets the rest from I don’t know. He is well behind in these:
NH (4), Pa (20), WI (10), Co (9), MI (16), ME (4)
So an inside straight in this case is winning the Romney states he trails in, adding the toss up states, and finding at least two more he is behind in. That’s ten states falling his way above. Twenty per-cent of the nation.

Keep watch this weekend on:
Trump’s words and hope he stays scripted and doesn’t get baited by the Clinton campaign or MSM.
The Wiki Leakes details that emerge and if they have held the most damaging for last.
What, if anything, the Clinton machine has to release on Trump.
The polls and if they tighten from the four point gap today.
If they do, is Trump getting to that 45 number and over it.
You’ll be able to tell how it’s going by the MSM coverage and reactions.

The Polls ……


The big question in the political arena remains, is there something happening? The answer is which poll are you looking at.

Examples of polls released in the last 24 hours.
– IBD which had been tracking Trump now has Clinton by 2
– Rasmussen which had been tracking Trump now has Clinton by 1
– The AP has Clinton by 14
– USA has Clinton by 9
– ABC has Clinton by 6
– Reuters has Clinton by 4
– Fox has Clinton by 3
– LATimes which had Trump up says it’s a tie
So the polls show a wide scope of difference. But a few thoughts:
– None show Trump in the lead
– 7 of 8 say Clinton is ahead
– If you take the average then Clinton is ahead by 6.
Our assessment is Trump is making gains but trails by about 4 today

Can he make that up?  Here are the facts as we see them:
– Trump’s gains in recent days are simply his base coming back
– In every poll released this AM he is between 40 and 45
– Remember our assessment he cannot get past 45
– So we see this gain as his base recovery as the video fades in memory
– He is not winning new voters over, simply recovering
– Though CNN moved Florida and Nevada back to toss up, he still trails
– Clinton leads in key must win states by the following:
– AR by 2, CO 6, FL 2, NH 7, Maine 5, MI 6, NV 2,  NC 2, Pa 4, Va 7, WI 7
– Trump has much ground to make up in those. He does lead in:
– GA by 3, Iowa by 4, MO by 6, OH by 1

So what we will say is he has closed the gap. ABC went from a 12 point Clinton lead to 9 the other day to 6 today. Fox went from 6 to 3. But I caution it is more his people coming back and getting the race back to where it was before the video.

The variables in the next twelve days:
– Can Trump stay out of trouble with what he says?
– Can he keep the focus on policy and Hillary and not say anything wild?
– What do the Clintons have planned to drop on him? You know they do.
– What impact will the daily Wiki Leakes drops have?
– Wiki Leakes has done enough that the MSM has to begin covering it.
– Is Wiki Leakes holding all the personal Hillary emails for next week?
– Up to now they have only released her staff’s memos. Are hers coming?

Trump has a long way to go. He needs an inside straight to win. That means he needs to stay focused. Put the spotlight on his policies and her. It means that his actions and Wiki Leakes releases hurt her turnout. He can win if Hillary backers turn to a third party or don’t vote. They are not going over to him.

She maintains the edge in people out on the stump for her, in ground game, has the MSM supporting her and that she is a Democrat.

Want an example of the unfair MSM? Yesterday Trump took a few hours to open his new hotel in Washington DC. He did so with a strong political message. It was that the hotel was — Built under-budget and ahead of schedule. Powerful. What did the MSM cover? Take the example of ABC with George Stephanopoulos. He pressed Trump over taking time off from his campaign to support his business. First of all it was the message, George. Second, Trump made clear he was still doing more stops that day than Hillary and had consistently done so. It was a poor cheap shot from George, CNN and the Clinton friends in the MSM. I thought it would be fun to check their schedules today.
First lady Michelle Obama campaigns with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Winston-Salem, N.C. at 2 p.m.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds rallies in Springfield, Ohio (1 p.m.), Toledo, Ohio (4 p.m.) and Geneva, Ohio (7 p.m.). Mr. Trump appears on EWTN Global Catholic Network at 8 p.m.

Any MSM want to question why Hillary can only do one event so close the the election? Trump did more than that yesterday when you said he took off.

Is Something Happening?


Do you get the feeling that Trump is recovering somewhat? We do too. We see the race as Hillary by 5 now and Trump going all out in key states.

Polls today. IBD and Rasmussen have Clinton by 1. LATimes has Trump +1.

Don’t you wonder how ABC can continue to tout its 12 point Hillary lead?

The bad news for Trump is in every poll he never cracks that ceiling we noted earlier of 45%. If he were to win he would have hit that 45 while she drops to 44. He has not built upon his base. That feeling of momentum now is those who left coming back, not an expansion.

Did you see the Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich battle last night? Liberals will tout her position, while conservatives will support him. It was something to watch. What will not be covered is that the discussion began with her previous interview with Mike Pence. She went after Pence hard about Trump and women. He (Pence) looked surprised and parried the questions. When it ended I was convinced he would not be back on her show ever.

Wiki Leakes releases continue daily. Some are startling and it’s a wonder the MSM won’t cover it as they should. It turns out Obama who learned about the private server when the news media story came out actually corresponded with Hillary on it for a long time. Considering he learns so many things from the media breaking the story isn’t it a shame they don’t their job as they should?

13 days to election day.


Two weeks …..


Two weeks from today we’ll be voting at this time. It will be all over.

Daily tracking polls today came together. LATimes, IBT and Rasmussen have Hillary up 1.
NBC poll today says Hillary up 5.

From the outset we have forecast an electoral landslide. Our projections:
Hillary – 323  Trump 202
As relayed often the senate goes Democratic with a presidential win.

MSM continues to not cover Wiki Leakes or video tapes that actually have operatives saying Hillary was involved and approving their activity. The MSM impacted this election.

Over the next two weeks Hillary will have her team out in force. Obama, Michelle, Biden, Bill and others. They will go to key areas to push hard. Trump has none of that and his leaders have run from him. Big advantage for her in local state coverage.

Her ground game to drive vote is another huge advantage. They register more people, get them to vote early and drive things. He has far less with limited support from the party.

Today’s issue review is immigration and the hole Trump put himself in with promising to deport 12 million people. It drove hispanic votes against him. It may help in a Republican primary but it destroys in the general election. If he had adopted the position we gave him he might have reversed this. It was:

We will deport those who are criminals and drug dealers.
Those who are here illegally and want to stay must register and go on the list of those who want to come legally.
You go on the bottom of the list so as to not have an illegal action trump a person who has tried legally to come.
You can stay if you pay taxes, do not commit crimes and await your turn on the list.
You break the law, you are gone.
Lock up the border so we control input from here on in.
No more sanctuary cities.

Then salute America as the place we build walls, not to keep our people in, but to manage all those wanting to come.

Three weeks and a day


My instinct is that Hillary is up six at this point, but the polls can really confound you. I continue to wonder how major and respected organizations can be so diverse in their numbers.  On this day:
— ABC says that Hillary is up 12
— The LATimes says she is up 1
— While Rasmussen says Trump is up 2
— And Investors Daily says it’s a tie
So take your choice.  I say it’s Clinton by 6.

The MSM is catching up to the Senate switchover coming. As reported earlier Illinois and Wisconsin are lost. Indiana is going. New Hampshire looks bad. Missouri, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are true toss ups. Four losses changes the senate with a Democratic win.

Now I will also tell you first. In 2018 the senate will revert back to Republican leadership. There are 23 Democratic seats up and only 8 Republican ones.

A story that will not get much MSM coverage is the one of Terry McAuliffe the Democratic governor of Virginia. McAuliffe was Clinton’s campaign manager in 1996, a true political hack. (Remember earlier this year he gave all released felons the right to vote). He was the person who “loaned” the Clintons the money to buy their house when they left the White House “flat broke’. Well it turns out he gave $467,000 from his Super Pac and another $207,000 from the Democratic party to the election campaign of someone running for state senate in Virginia. Sounds like a lot? Well the candidate just happened to be the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use.
With the Clintons and their friends it never ends.

One last thought. I heard a number of times this weekend, like she did in the debate, Hillary say “I was in the situation room while we were getting Osama Bin Laden and Donald ….” Mr Trump should have and can still respond to this. I would have said:
Mrs. Secretary you came to office inheriting an eight year commitment to get Bid Laden. It was a promise the American people made the minute the planes hit the towers. When we saw 3,000 of our fellow citizens murdered and some having their last best option in life to be jumping from the 112th floor, we made a vow to get the people who did this. You took office eight years into the search. You simply continued it. You didn’t go on the raid, you didn’t find him, you approved the plan we were committed to. You were First Lady when Bid Laden set up camp, built an army, made the plans and had committed numerous acts against our citizens already. Things like the attack on the USS Cole. If you and your husband had taken the actions you should have, history would be different. Did you learn anything from that? Apparently not, you then watched as ISIS was formed and has committed the acts they have. Now we should elect you, why? Because you sat in the situation room? How about avoiding the situation?

Oh my …..


If you watched the Alfred E. Smith dinner speeches last night it reaffirmed we have the two most unattractive candidates ever this year. That was classless and totally out of bounds.

Trump was a disaster setting Hillary up to just follow the rules, be funny and dominate the night. What does she do? She matches him by going low too. Is this the best we have for real?

For the first time in my lifetime more people are voting against a candidate than for one. It was a dive to the bottom and so far Trump is winning. So more people are voting against him.

Nothing else to say today. I think watching Maria Bartiomo behind the candidates last night said it all. Two boobs running.

All that is left …


All that is left now is the official crowning of our first former First Lady as  President.

Hillary closed the third debate showing her mastery of issues, facts and diversion. She may be wrong on issues, but she has mastered countering the attack.

Back during the Republican primaries this blog warned that Hillary would destroy Trump in the one on one debates. Consider this, they entered debate one close to even. With each encounter she widened her lead. It will happen again with this one. He simply refuses to prepare and master the issues. His too large ego allows him to think he can just go out there and he can’t. Think how Gov. Pence handled the abortion issue in the VP debate. He touched your heart and won the moment. Now think how Trump took the opportunity and clumsily moved around it.

I think the post books and analysis will say the debates helped destroy Trump. I bet Trump’s people (and he himself) says he wanted to be unfettered, and mentions how the Reagan people needed to “let Reagan be Reagan”. The difference is Reagan knew what he was talking about. Trump unleashed is no Reagan. A far cry.

Last night as in the other debates Hillary was able to maneuver around explosive issues. She made Wiki Leakes releases about Russia and tied it back to Trump. She called Trump a puppet of Putin. You know humor wins. Did one time in three debates Trump turn and say anything about Hillary’s red button and the fact she put the wrong word on it to boot? If said right it would have made her look foolish, as her entire foreign policy has proven to be. Yet, he had the chance to go after her and failed. Did you hear Benghazi from him? Was he prepared to answer her charges that he is against women? Saying “no one has more respect for women than me” is not an answer. If he had prepared he could have said how the Trump Corporation pays women more than men and the Clinton foundation pays men far more than women. “Madam secretary, once again words are one thing, facts are another”. Imagine being aggressive with those facts. With Wiki Leakes all he had to say is that he is appalled they hacked the administration and her staff, and this must stop; however they are out there and it does not take away from the content. Instead he let her maneuver him to being a Russian supporter.

The fact he wouldn’t support the American way and say he would accept the decision of the people is ridiculous. He could have said, “of course I will accept the decision, but if there is any foul play I will expose it”.  He can’t say or do that because his ego is too big.

As a reader of this blog you get the idea and understand the issues he had available. Instead his lack of experience with debates, prep for them and dedication to learning the issues led to his defeat. He let his supporters down. Readers know we are not surprised and warned of this.

All that is left is the extent of the damage.

The Final Debate


Hard for us to get excited about the debate tonight. The drama of the election has been long over. In fact the Democrats have diverted dollars from the Presidency race to the Senate and Congress. They want to win there.

It seems like the media is catching up to our analysis that this is over. The polls have done nothing but widen and our early prediction that the Senate goes too is looking right.

Everything that has gone on for the past year has led to this. Consider this an early post analysis.
The Republicans nominated the one candidate Hillary could beat easily.
Trump has no filter and his ego gets in the way of every message.
His lack of association with real people lets him think everyone thinks like him. So he shoots unfiltered off the cuff.
Good enough to win a Republican nomination, but a far cry from appealing to the rest of the country.
We said months ago he lost this election when he rode down the escalator of Trump Tower and called Hispanics names. He never recovered with that key group he needed.
We said he was capped at 40-45%. He never got past that, nor did he appeal to do so.
His personal history and actions with woman were a red flag that should have come out in the primaries and denied him then.
He could never win with that background and actions about to be exposed.
He never united his own party, choosing instead to fight them. Sometimes you have to eat crow for a greater goal. He never learned that.
He never convinced people he had the temperament to be President.
Any possible focus on Hillary’s issues were drowned out by his outlandish behavior.

So tonight’s debate is anti climatic for us. Nothing he can do can reverse the decision the American public has made. You have a chance to make an impression, and he made his. When the dust settles the Republicans will be soundly romped and more of a minority party than ever.

Three Weeks Out


No changes in any projections or outlook with three weeks to go.

We don’t see any way tomorrow’s debate can change anything.

We hear the Clinton camp has a doozy of a video ready to go out on Trump. Do you think it’s possible? Probable? We do, Drip, drip, drip.

Does Hillary really need all this time to prepare for the debate or is it just rest? We think the latter and that issue is avoided in the MSM.

Will Wiki Leakes release some real damaging Clinton emails? We think they will. But not enough to offset the planned Clinton drops on Trump.

Polls range from pro Clinton 2 to 12. We still believe it is about a 6 point lead. Remember when Obama beat McCain badly and swept in the senate and house? That was 6 points. He beat Romney by 4.

Did you hear Trump say he may meet with Putin before he is sworn in? Dumb, dumb dumb. We have one president, one foreign policy at a time. He is feeding the story about him and Russia.

Did you see that the story where the FBI accused Hillary of stealing furniture from the state department for her home in Washington? After leaving the White House and having the $200,000 issue would she really do this? There’s separate rules for the Clintons.

Here’s a link to an interview this AM with Ed Klein the author of Guilty as Sin. The MSM won’t talk to him, but the end of this interview is most interesting.



Another Week Down


Another week down and time is running out for Trump. How do we see it?

Still an electoral sweep for Hillary. Toss up states going her way. National polls range her way from 2 to 11 points. We think it’s a 6 to 7 lead today.

Republicans will lose the senate. Three months ago we saw a 50/50 senate with VP the deciding vote. We think that is the best Republicans can hope for.

We think they will hold the house but lose close to 20 seats closing the gap to 10. That will at least keep Nancy Pelosi from regaining Speaker role.

Events of course can alter things, but the gap seems too large to make up.

================== NEWS OF THE DAY =====================

Wiki Leakes had its internet cut off today. Is this the retaliation that Joe Biden promised? Wow that will show the Russians.

Wiki Leakes isn’t getting much coverage in the MSM. I wonder why? The Clintons have made the releases about the Russians and not what the emails say. I think Wiki Leakes may be saving it’s best stuff. Would it surprise anyone they have the Clinton deleted 33,000 emails?

Was the timing of the Mosul attack tied to the election? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Kind of like Obamacare billing changes begin Nov 1. Just a week before the election. Of course the real bills don’t come due until next year. Then watch out. Hillary (and Bernie) want a single payer government run system. Get ready. We have a government run healthcare. It’s called the VA system. How’s that working out?

I still think there’s more to Hillary’s health than we know. The MSM however is going along with the fact she is off the trail for “debate prep”. What. again four days? It raises questions for me. The Washington Times has a story this AM on her health, which raises theories and questions. You won’t see on the MSM because Trump said someone was wearing an ugly dress.

Wednesday’s debate will change nothing. Trump won the last one going away but the media decided she won and that he stalked her.

Has anyone lost more of their reputation this year than FBI Director Comey?



We’ve talked about how Republicans have walked away from Donald Trump and not a single Democrat has walked from Hillary. Why?
You can answer for yourself but here’s a little history fresh in my mind that set the pattern.

We all know about Democrat Ted Kennedy and the 1969 Chappaquiddick incident resulting in the death of a young woman. Despite going home and sleeping it off before reporting anything and amid the sex allegations he walked. He not only won reelection until his death in 2009, but he came close to beating Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Democratic Primary.

In 1983 Congress had a scandal. In July that year the House Ethics Committee recommended that Rep. Dan Crane (R-IL) and Rep. Gerry Studds (D-MA) be reprimanded for having engaged in sexual relationships with minors, specifically 17-year-old congressional pages. The Congressional Report found that in 1980,  Crane had sex four or five times at his suburban apartment with a female page. Studds had a male page to his Georgetown apartment and later on a two-week trip to Portugal. Both representatives admitted to the charges.

Democrat Rep. Gerry Studds was reelected by Massachusetts voters for six more terms.
Republican Daniel Crane was defeated for re-election the next election.

Democrat Rep. Barney Frank. The Massachusetts Democrat hired a male prostitute who ran a prostitution service from Frank’s residence in the 1980s. Only two Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to censure him in 1990. He won reelection every year until retiring in 2013.

Democrat Rep. Fred Richmond was arrested for soliciting sex from a 16-year-old. He won reelection twice before resigning in 1982, only after pleading guilty to tax evasion and drug possession.

Republican Rep. Bob Livingston was about to assume the house speakership when during the Bill Clinton impeachment trial he announced he was resigning because he had an affair. Instead of becoming speaker he quit. Democrat Bill Clinton stayed in office and won great support in his party.

And now we are about to elect his wife and give them the keys to the White House.

Do you see a pattern here?

Drip, Drip, DRIP


Just as we discussed, the drip, drip drip is underway. Five women accused Trump this AM. It turns the news from Wiki Leakes releases to him. Forget proven media collaboration with the Clinton camp. Stop the talk of religious bias. Latino comments? Not as important as Trump women. The Clinton team are masters with their media friends. Think of what they have done.

They changed the Wiki releases from exposure of them to the Russians. It’s not what the memos say, it’s the Russians hacking us. The media has taken up that mantra. Do you think maybe Obama and Clinton failed at cyber security?

Trump recovering from the video? (Rasmussen today is going to say he got back to even). No problem, release more women who say he attacked them. They have more to come.

I don’t feel sorry for Trump, he probably did most of what they say he did. He was and is an egotistical maniac and his actions are coming home to roost. He deserves what he is getting. He should never have been nominated.

I do feel anger about the media though. They present these women and give them credibility. Yet they refuse to discuss or air the women who accuse Bill and Hillary of the same thing, if not worse. Why? They won’t air them because they say it is decades old and can’t be proven. And what is different about the Trump accusers? Oh it supports your beliefs, I see.

Clinton supporters relish in Trump trash but dismiss Clinton stories. I repeat my position when I called Trump to withdraw.
I can’t be for Trump and against Clinton for the same reasons.
That logic doesn’t apply to people on the left and their friends in the media.

It’s a bad situation for conservatives. I have predicted the senate was going to turn over. Daily the House is coming more into play. I said we will wake up Nov. 9th with Hillary Clinton as President, Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader in the Senate and a far left Supreme Court. The daily drumbeat ahead requires a close watch to see if we wake up with Nancy Pelosi back as House Leader.

Wiki Leakes and The Press Connection


The Wiki Leak emails today speak for themselves relative to press and the Clinton campaign. Some highlights you will not likely see on the MSM.

NYT/CNBC’s John Harwood Advises Clinton Campaign, Gloats About Provoking Trump At Debate.

WikiLeaks emails show reporter agreed to let Clinton campaign cut quotes before story ran.

Staff at The Boston Globe worked with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to maximize her “presence”.

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans”.

Donna Brazile Shared CNN Town Hall Questions With Clinton Camp.

Univision’s (largest Spanish network in U.S.) chief urged Clinton camp to hit Trump harder.

Trump camp reaction

Clinton campaign used Benghazi as distraction from email scandal.

State Dept Coordinated Email Release With Clinton Campaign

Clinton people talked to DOJ on emails.


The Beat Goes On


Nothing new to report. We feel like the election process has caught up to our months long prediction of a Democratic electoral landslide. The polls reflecting the impact of the Trump video release show a double digit Hillary lead. That part is over.

Is the MSM fair? Here’s a stat and you judge. The Trump tape and Wiki Leakes emails broke within an hour of each other. With email releases each day since. Well, on the three networks CBS, NBC, ABC the coverage time for each since is this. 198 minutes on the tapes. 13 minutes on the email content.

With the MSM coverage and anti Trump sentiment aided by Republican leadership, the Republican party will lose control of the senate. The Democrats needed four seats and it will happen. Illinois and Wisconsin were locks. Now Indiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Missouri and Pa, look like they could go. The Democrats will have a great night and Chuck Schumer will be the new majority leader.

The question of Democrats picking up 30 seats in the house and gaining control is now in play. It is suddenly possible. You can count on a 20 seat pick up for sure.

The good news for Trump supporters is …….. nothing that I can see. He will be lucky to recover his past support (45%) and may top out at 40% now.

The Clinton team has more damaging Trump material to release. They’re just waiting for a hit on her they need to deflect or when his supporters are back.

Wiki Leakes is doing daily drops of damaging Clinton emails. No one seems to care and the MSM is not covering it as they would a Trump release. A few stories below in case you missed them to illustrate what is in the leaks. Think how smart the Clinton operators are. They are making the leaks about Russia and getting away with it.

Why do you think so many Republicans have walked away from Trump on moral grounds and not a single Democrat has done the same from Hillary?

Post Debate Two


Some quick thoughts before the media starts telling people what they saw.

Trump spoke to his base and held them. The calls for his quitting will slow  until the Clintons release their next bombshell.

With his supporters and the anti Hillary he knocked it out of the park,

The Hillary people and the MSM will be incensed that he brought four of Bill’s woman to the debate. They will be angry. Very angry.

The MSM will influence people with pro Hillary sentiment. Every station including a part of Fox (think Megyn  and Shep Smith as two) will do it big time.

Get ready for more Trump releases like the Friday tape. The Clinton’s play hard ball.

We’ll see tonight and tomorrow what the MSM says and does.

Tapes and Wiki Leakes


As the story breaks here are my immediate thoughts:

I cannot abhor Bill Clinton’s actions and support Donald Trump. I have to be consistent. They are one of the same.

The tape says it all and I am sure as part of the drip drip planned there are more to come. He is indefensible.

In my opinion he should quit the race. Barring that he is heading to a massive defeat that will take down so many good people with him.

The party leadership should meet, let Pence step up (before his future is ruined trying to defend Trump) and choose a running mate immediately. They have four weeks. It will be a disaster, but not as bad as the one Trump is leading them into.

=================== Now The Wiki Leakes Notes ================

Hillary Clinton is just a born liar and can never be trusted. You don’t know she is lying until she stops talking.

Her private words versus her public ones are incredible.

She doesn’t deserve the keys to the White House and leadership for the American people.