The Beat Goes On …


We await the post debate polls to see the numbers. In the interim:

The beat on Trump continues in the MSM on how well Hillary did. The biggest post message seems to be Trump is a racist sexist. The former Miss Universe is getting incredible coverage, the message being if you are a woman you cannot back Trump. But you may see that back down as stories emerge on her past and storied activity. She may not hold up to scrutiny but I think the Clinton camp feels they got a bump from her.

When you hear about Trump using Bill Clinton’s past to counter remember it is not to talk about Bill, but how Hillary attacked the women. The MSM leaves you with the impression he is dragging Bill out. Not true. It’s about her calling them bimbo’s and trailer park trash. It won’t win Trump votes, but could stop some from voting for her.

What is also damaging is the Trump camp insiders saying things to the press, off the record of course, about his lack of preparation and freezing on stage. The problem this blog identified from eight months ago was going to be the debates. Trump supporters had this misguided thought he was so smart and had such great people around him that he would beat her down. No way. She is experienced, a pro and quick on her feet whether factual or not. The debates were land mines for him and his team talking to the press is damaging.

Now the Democratic playbook of you are a sexist and racist is tiring. Yet it continues to impact a large number of voters. How many of you remember Obama’s team using the racist card against the Clintons in 2008? Want proof? Here’s the liberal Huffington Post article from then.

Do you see the Clinton push with young voters and the talk with Bernie of free college? Let’s see how this works. College costs are too high and students who can vote don’t want loans when they graduate. The Democratic solution? Oh costs are too high, let the government pay. We have a $20 trillion debt to give our kids, but we can get votes here. Yup that’s the way to solve our problems.

Just an opinion here. Remember when Bill was President and the press said over and over Hillary is the smartest person and most qualified to be President? They set her up for 20 years being deterred only because of Obama. Well I think they are doing the same  today with Michelle Obama. Watch. Do you remember any Republican First Lady being treated like that?

Have you noticed that newspapers who backed Republicans forever in places like Dallas, Arizona and Cincinnati are endorsing Hillary now? Well it is hurting their circulation and resulting in cancellations they can’t afford.

In the meantime former Republicans continue to back Clinton. Senator John Warner of Virginia is the latest. That cadre out on her behalf (Obama, Michelle, Biden, Bill, Kaine, Sanders and Chelsey) is such a contrast to Trump and Pence alone. How can Trump counter this? His best approach is how he is change and they are the establishment. If you like the direction of the country and are satisfied she is your candidate. If you want change I am your choice.

Did you see Gary Johnson fail again on a world question? He couldn’t name a world leader. Actually said he was having an “Aleppo moment”.

Is the MSM coordinating with the Clinton campaign? Today Newsweek has a cover story saying Donald Trump conducted illegal business with Castro’s Cuba. Think about the timing. Hillary calls him racist to go after the minority vote. An Hispanic Universe winner goes after him tying woman and hispanic votes in. Now the attack is on Cuba and the one Hispanic group for Trump and could swing Florida. Meanwhile Hillary’s activity just skates by. You wonder why Trump voters are so angry.

Did you see the story about Obama sending more troops to Iraq? History will show he pulled out too soon and his pursuit of peace led to more mayhem.

The first override of an Obama veto happened yesterday. It took a while.

Question: Why does Hillary want to be President? To accomplish and do what? What does she stand for this election?






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