A Day After The Debate


Well the MSM and the Hillary camp went after Trump all day yesterday and continued this AM. A smiling and obviously buoyant Hillary took to the trail. She smiled giddily on her press plane talking to them. They ate it up. This will continue until the next event shakes up the race.

What she and her supporters want that to be is the former Latin Miss¬†Universe winner and Trump’s statements about her. Wow has that gotten play on the networks and MSM. This may cause the entire campaign to get nasty. How long before Trump brings out Juanita Broderick (“Clinton raped me and Hillary covered it up”) Kathleen Willey and others?

By the way, how come the press never covers the secret service who say Hillary treated them badly and called them pigs? Not true you say? Here’s two stories.


The MSM was unfair all day. Here’s a blatant example. Rudy Guilani was so mad at Lester Holt’s failure to question Hillary that he suggested unless the moderators are checked Trump should skip the rest of the debates. What does the MSM cover all day? They said over and over that aides are suggesting Trump “not do the next two debates”. They never mentioned who or why Guilani said it, implying instead that Trump couldn’t stand up to Hillary. Very unfair. Here’s what Rudy said.

I still think as reported yesterday that this impacts Hillary only a point or two. But add that to her existing 2-3 lead and it becomes big. Time is now passing and the election is only five weeks away.

The VP debate is next week and then the second Presidential debate comes. Trump fans should worry about this one. It is a Town Hall type debate and he has never done one of them. Can he do this format? I really don’t know, but do know it limits the interaction between the candidates as they simply answer questions directed to them. The key again is both ease of doing the Q&A as well as depth of topic knowledge. I always said the debates are going to be a major issue for him and this one truly is.

The first polls will be out later this week that reflect the post debate numbers.

Trump’s other problem is the machine Hillary is sending out to campaign in key states. Obama, Michelle, Bill, Biden, Chelsey and Sanders will all be in key states and spots they can help the most. Republican leaders are not supporting Trump anywhere near this.
What Trump has is loyal supporters in the people. Just look at the online polls, he won everyone. Look at his sell out rally last night. His supporters are loyal and I am sure they will vote. Are there enough of them?

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