The Way I Saw it


The election goes on, the debate did not change it. Hillary has a better chance to pick up a point or two than Trump. She has a larger base to pull from and many were on the sideline with her. Add the MSM  declared her the winner and this could influence things today if the Trump camp is not very active with their message.

The moderator (from NBC) helped her. Think about this. What topics did each candidate not want?
Trump did not want his taxes, the birther issue, his woman comments to come up. Holt asked questions about all of them and then challenged Trump’s answers.
Hillary did not want questions about her emails, Benghazi, calling Americans deplorable, immigration and her health records. Holt never asked one.

Don’t you think the questions about these issues make a difference? Asking Trump if he is a sexist racist and not asking her why 50% of Americans are deplorable is unfair in my opinion. This is the tact the Trump camp must take out this AM. It will resonate with his base and some others. Of course the Clinton camp say only losers complain about the moderator. This will allow the Trump supporters to say oh really, like you did about Matt Lauer?

If a question puts you on the defense it makes it harder to be aggressive. She was able to be offensive because of the questions. Then she is a better debater and he was unable to pivot the questions to her issues. He had chances to get back to the server and wiping it clean but didn’t. He was too well behaved!

In the end I think he was able to stand there for 90 minutes. His message was clear to me but I am sure everyone got it. He is for change and she is more of the same. I think the MSM missed that but the American people may not have. The Trump team should ask that today. Who is for change? A version of the Reagan question should be the mantra. You saw the debate, if you’re satisfied with the direction of the country and the future she is your person. If you want change, I am the change.

My only other suggestion is that Trump bury his ego and prepare for the second debate with one on one practice.

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