Some pre debate stories passing my desk I thought you might like too.

First, the Rasmussen Poll today says people by 46% to 6% think the moderators in the debate will try and help Hillary over Trump.
The Hillary camp has been yelling all week they want the moderators to fact check on the spot. Why? She knows the media favors her.
Remember Candy Crowley in the 2012 debate?
Remember the story last week where Andre Mitchell wrote privately to Colin Powell that it’s unthinkable Trump could win? “I know trump controls the convention rules committee but I keep thinking they have to find a way not to nominate him”. Then adds about his nomination,“It is awful.” Yea she’s fair.

Here’s a funny one for you. A Harvard Professor has a column out today and he says if Hillary loses blame the media. The left is so biased and used to universal support and coverage they can’t believe someone might ask Hillary a question. Here’s his column today in papers coast to coast.

Try this exercise. What’s the first word that comes to mind when I ask a question or say a name. Let’s start with Hillary. What came to mind? Really, Liar? Then how come the Clintons and the MSM talk about Trump lying? Are they coordinated to change perceptions? Here’s a story that’s in papers across the nation.

Here’s more on the MSM, this was on MSNBC. It was advice to the candidates. Trump was told to “stop lying” and “Show humility”. Hillary’s advice was “Sell her Presidency” and “Be the Clinton who shines in small crowds”. Fair and balanced at work. I can picture their post coverage already.

After eighteen months of bashing Trump and calling Hillary the most qualified and smartest ever to run for President, now the liberal press are worried about perceptions. Look at what Joy Behar said. “The bar is set so low for Trump if he doesn’t belch in her face he will win”. You and your liberal cronies did that Joy.

The NYTimes today.
First story I saw today:
“Millions in U.S. Climb Out of Poverty, at Long Last”. Who knew everything was so much better so quick this year? Remember Hillary is more of the same. Trump is change.
Next story I read the NYTimes saying something nice about Bush. What?
“For Some, Bush-Obama Rapport Recalls a Lost Virtue: Political Civility.
The Bush and Obama families have a deep bond, thanks to the shared experience of life in the White House and George W. Bush’s decorum as an ex-president”.  Wait, Bush the liar is a good guy now? He better not endorse Trump.

I still think she brings debate experience (35 presidential debates) to the table and issue knowledge being in government her entire life, plus a lawyer who knows how to double talk. This is his first ever one on one debate and he is not a deep issue person. He goes on gut and instinct. Huge advantage her. Let’s see.


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