The Weekend – B 4 Debate


We’ve outlined our thoughts on this first debate a number of times. We won’t repeat here; suffice to say Trump must appear to be knowledgeable and trustworthy with the codes. He has to make people believe they can see him in the job. Hillary’s job is to show her knowledge and experience can make a difference. She needs to illustrate what she stands for, and why she can make a difference. If she can appear likable and tustworthy that would seal the deal for her.

What are experts saying? Here you go:

Kiplinger says 20% of the electorate are key, the ones who can still make up or change their minds:

There are no breaks planned for the debate if say someone gets say a coughing fit or something. Also Hillary wanted a stool to be taller next to Donald.

Pat Buchanan talks the debate and what Trump needs to do. Basically stand toe to toe pass the presidential test.

Monica Crowley offers Trump free counsel on how he can “knock out” Hillary.  For her Hillary is carrying the baggage of time in office.

Newsmax says this debate is key to undecided votes and could change everything.

How can Hillary win? Luntz says:

Rich Lowery in National Review has a different viewpoint. He thinks Hillary will win on points but Trump can win because of expectations.

Hillary taking surprise trip on Sunday to Charlotte. No doubt to use that in the debate. Then suddenly late Friday night she appeared to cancel it. What happened? Is Trump in her head? Was she worried he would one up her like he did with the Mexico visit? If that’s it, she is in trouble.

One more question for Hillary. If you have a record to run on and plans for the future why have you spent almost all your money so far (over $100 Million) just attacking Donald Trump? If he’s so bad and you’re so accomplished and good, why not talk about your plans to make us even better?

============Don’t Pay Attention It’s Friday Afternoon ==========

So on another late Friday afternoon things get released they hope you won’t pay attention to. First Obama vetoes the right for families to sue Saudi Arabia. The self proclaimed most transparent President ever doesn’t want his citizens to have the right to sue this country. Will congress override? They say they will, now let’s see.

Oh she got immunity too? Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s former chief of staff got immunity from the FBI. Did you hear about it? That makes five key players  and the FBI found nothing. This smells more everyday.

Add this now. At 5:30 Friday night the FBI released another 189 pages of reports from their Hillary email investigation. Third time it was on Friday night. The Director says it’s just a coincidence it is Friday night. You believe him?

========= Other Interesting Articles You May Want To See =========

It shouldn’t be a surprise. The people worried about voting games are “rushing” applications to make people citizens so they can vote for Hillary. You can’t make this stuff up.

Remember when Harry Reid went on the Senate floor to lie about Romney not paying taxes? He said again he is “proud of it”. You can’t be prosecuted for what you say on the floor of the senate. So he admits he lied and is proud. What does that say about him and liberals?

And so Cruz comes off the “never Trump” list too. He did it for political reasons of course. Here is his Facebook post on why. The real reasons he committed to support the primary winner are: 1. He signed the commitment in the primaries. 2. He made enough people mad that in 2018 he will be challenged for reelection. 3. He wants to run in the primaries again and non support meant he was done.
I have news for him. Too late. At the convention was your time. You burned the bridge on the way out. Nice try though. Chris Christie shot himself four years ago. You and John Kasich did a joint suicide this year.
http://Here is his Facebook post on why.



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