Friday before The Monday Debate


As the weekend rolls in everything will focus on Monday’s debate. You will hear endless analysis and “what they should do”. To me the questions are.
– Does Trump have enough knowledge on issues for a 90 minute debate?
– Does Hillary have the ability to do this and not appear shrill or ill?
– Can Trump come across as knowledgeable and Presidential?
– Can he “trump” the media perception of him?
– Can she do anything to convince us she is honest and trustworthy?

I think she goes in as the favorite based upon her experience in such debates and with issue familiarity based upon government experience.

====================== Polls ========================

Updated polls with one exception support our outlook that she has gained since last Friday. The one outlier is the Rasmussen poll.
– Marist Poll:   Clinton up 6 now
– AP Poll:         Clinton up 6
– WSJ:               Clinton by 6
– Rasmussen:  Trump up 6
– LATimes:      Trump up 2 (down from 7)

State polls which usually lag the national ones (due to dates and timing of tracking) now show the same Clinton gains with the exception of Iowa:
– Iowa:             Trump by 7 (A swing state that voted Obama twice)
– Colorado:      Clinton leads in two new polls by 2 and 7.
– Virginia:        Clinton by 7
– Wisconsin:    Clinton by 7
– Florida:          Trump by 1

===== Reading Connections For Those Who Want Deeper Insights =====

Peggy Noonan’s column for this Sunday looks at how the voter feels:

WSJ blog: Election will be a vote for or against Hillary.

Why is okay for athletes to protest but not express other feelings? Funny how “free expression” is so one sided to the left.

When did Trump turn racist? Jesse Jackson once praised his efforts?

Did you know one of Trump’s Ohio campaign leaders resigned for “racial comments”? She was replaced by an African American supporter.

Did you see Hillary wants to raise the estate tax to 65%? Claims it will get the rich, knowing full well they will avoid it. But it sounds good to voters.

The “never Trumpers” are starting to come home. I heard Michael Reagan last night relent “can’t have Hillary”, and here’s more. It makes the Bushes look even worse.

According to WSJ “Progressives are assembling a list of vetted candidates for top posts in a potential Clinton administration”. The goal is “to pull the party to the left before and after the November election”. Oh goody.

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