What I See


I saw Hillary have the three to four worst weeks you could have that culminated in her collapsing walking to a car. I saw that lead to more questions about her truthfulness, honesty and health. I saw the polls tighten enough so that the experts began questioning the electoral college numbers and narrowing the gap.

But, I also saw that Trump never really caught up. In the RCP average he got as close as one point. So after all that, he could not catch up, much less take a lead.

Since Friday I have seen the media at its biased best. It has been one big Trump bashing after another. They not only stopped his momentum but you will see the polls by the weekend are back to the four point Clinton lead and electoral sweep. It started with the birthers issue, moved to his foundation spending, to skittles, to charges of racism over vetting. Add the Bush 41 announcement he is voting for Hillary, that has been played up big time. Then cap it off with the unified Democrats out in force. In fact Obama announced he will be out two days a week for her from here on in.

ABC World News capped it all last night with a story about Syrian refuges. They went to a Syrian camp to show the life they were living there trying to escape the war. Then they followed a warm loving family to America. This was followed by a six year old girl going to her first class in an LA class room. It was contrasted by Donald Trump calling for a halt to Syrian immigration. A total one sided hatchet job.

The MSM has delighted in this bashing. Yesterday Hillary took the day off again to “debate prep”. Wait, the most qualified person ever has to take how many days to prep? So the media simply plays it that way, “Hillary Clinton off the trail to debate prep”. They then took an average five minutes to bash Trump one story after another. A total beat down, and it will show up in the polls by the weekend.

I would say this is “over”, but it would be wiser to wait a week to see the first debate. I will say, what I have for a good while, that something dramatic has to happen or this will be a Democratic sweep of monumental proportions. Republicans nominated the wrong candidate to beat a flawed Democrat. Any Democrat begins with a locked in advantage and it is showing here. You nominate a flawed candidate, with an ego beyond control and a mouth that often roars before the brain thinks and you have a problem.

How confident are you in the debate? I keep remembering Candy Crowley defending Obama, wrongly as it turned out, in his Benghazi attack. A conservative Republican has a tough road to win. This year, their candidate cannot, in my opinion, overcome the Democrat edge, the biased media and himself.

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