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We relayed and felt that beginning Friday with the birther issue coverage that Trump’s momentum was stalled and Hillary was on the way back up. We know it now as polls out today reflect the change. NBC news has Hillary up 5. The LATimes Daily Poll saw Trump lose two points the past few days. Why is this happening?
– The media has been pounding Trump. CNN, MSNBC, the networks and print media have been relentlessly negative on him and his son Donald Jr.
– An example is Jon Karl on ABC. In talking about the election and the terror actions this week he says: “People are contrasting Hillary’s steady calm leadership versus Trump’s wild ….” Not exactly fair and balanced.
– In fact you could have watched any news station and seen the same with the exception of FoxNews. Two different worlds for sure. Their coverage is not always accurate. Look what CNN did yesterday:
– The reality of closing the gap causes some people to stop and say “do I really trust Trump with the nuclear codes?” It causes some to pause.

Add to this the Democrats have been out with their stars in full force. Did you see Obama’s passion to his supporters that if they didn’t vote for Hillary he would consider it an insult? That is what he, Michelle, Bill, and Biden are bringing now and will until election day. This election is about turnout and they are all out to rev up the Democrat base.

In the meantime Republicans won’t support Trump. Did you see the news that Bush 41 is voting for Hillary? He told this to a Kennedy? I said this before, I am done with the Bushes.

Look at John Kasich in Ohio a must win state and he is so anti Trump.

So what does it all mean? It just illustrates again why the road for Trump is near impossible. The only reason this is still a race is because the opponent is Hillary Clinton. People simply do not trust or like her. Think about this. What if Joe Biden had run, where would this race be now? What if Marco Rubio had won the Republican nomination, where would this race be? Amazing isn’t it?

The best chance for Trump is in the debate. If he can stand for 90 minutes, on the same stage and not appear to be the danger the media and he himself has presented at times, he can make progress. It’s called the Presidential test. It’s how Reagan did in Carter. I don’t have the confidence Trump can do that. Here’s an interesting assessment.

======================= Quick Hits =========================

Remember this blog four years ago focusing on issues like the Fair Tax and not personalities?  What does Hillary stand for? Other than a wall what does Trump stand for?

Remember when the legislature in NJ passed a massive (.23 cents) gallon gas tax?  They had to have it now or pot holes would not be fixed. It fell just short in the senate. So how bad are roads? I bet they found a way to move money from somewhere else to cover costs. But, it won’t go away I promise. Once liberals see a way to get more money they stay on it.

Liberal pundits had trouble this week with the Terror attack. Some still won’t call NJ, NY and Minn. terror. None by the way involved guns which made their immediate go to rant not easy. Still msnbc tried.

The issue of debt is one we keep harping on. Here’s a story on it. Why don’t people see the problem with spending what we don’t have?

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