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At 11:30 AM on Monday, President Obama finally made a statement on the dual bombings in NY and NJ (but nothing on the Minn. attack until after 5:00). So let’s see it took almost 48 hours to hear from him. I wonder if it was a police officer shooting how long it would have taken.

No doubt the Presidential race tightened over the past month. Here’s an update from one of the most respected analysts Larry Sabato, Univ. of Virginia, Center of Politics and writer of Sabato’s Crystal Ball. His analysis coincides with ours. A narrowing, but still a Clinton electoral edge.

Remember when we said wouldn’t it be interesting if the election came down to a state like Maine that delivers it’s electoral votes by congressional district voting? Well Kiplinger has a story now on how it could make Trump President.

Peggy Noonan had a terrific article on why people consider Hillary shady.

In the mode of what does Hillary stand for I found this interesting.

One of the most under appreciated skill sets (IMO) are the cartoonists who say so much in one drawing. Here’s an example from the Washington Times that is not favorable to Hillary. Scroll to next and you’ll appreciate their daily working.

We are nearing a $20 Trillion dollar budget deficit. It has doubled in the past eight years under Obama and should be a major issue. We worry about children and grandchildren, how are they going to pay this debt? That is why this story really irks me. It will you too.

Here’s an interesting article from Stephen Moore who is a top Trump economic advisor. He contrasts state tax polices and why he is recommending what he is to Trump. Note the numbers he cites on people moving from high tax to low tax areas (over 3 Million per year), and where job growth was (Texas created more jobs from 2007-14 than the other 49 states combined).

The Oliver Stone movie on Edward Snowden raised the issue liberals love with him. Is he a hero or traitor. Michael Goodwin in the NYPost wrote this article on how it is not working.

Did you see the story about how the U.S. attacked Syrian forces by mistake killing and wounding as many as 200 and helping ISIS? The MSM did not give it much cover but it was/is a big international issue. Imagine if Bush were President what kind of coverage it would have gotten.

Back to the birther issue. Here’s a story from 2008 the press forgot. Look at what happened and who Obama blamed then.

Interesting article in the Washington Times on the Generals, budget cuts and national security in light of Trump controversy last week.

We’ve mentioned this before and it still sticks with us. The press and liberal media made Michael Jackson a hero. I think he was a child abuser. Look at this new suit. Choose your heroes carefully.

And this one was too funny not to include. Hillary’s health has driven the Mexican Peso down below a “psychological level”because Trump might win.


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