A “B” Weekend .. Birthers and Bombs


We started the weekend in a Trump firestorm as the MSM delighted in attacking him on the birther issue. It was as if this was all new and not being put to bed. They saw it as the chance to stop his momentum.  He got beat up badly and by Saturday night it was clear to me that Hillary’s slide was over and this was hurting. This AM despite all the new news, shows like Morning Joe were all over this and attacking him relentlessly. They won’t let go. Remember for Obama, Michelle and their supporters it is personal. You will hear this again. For Hillary it’s a way to reach Africian-Americans and drive turnout. They are not so excited to vote for her, and this will help.

Then the bombs came. First in New Jersey and because it luckily went off when the Marine race was held up no one was hurt. It didn’t seem to get the play it deserved because the media was focused on the birther issue. Then Saturday night the bombs in NYC. Again at first the thought was the first bomb was maybe an accident of some type. It was being downplayed. It wasn’t until they found the second NYC device that there was a recognition this was real. The Mayor in NYC has yet, of this AM, to call this terrorism. What? A bomb goes off, another is denoted and it is not terrorism? Mr Politically Correct Mayor, it doesn’t have to be any particular group to be terrorism. If a bomb kills and wounds your citizens from anywhere it is terror. You’re no less wounded or dead by who plants and sets it off.

They still haven’t tied the NJ and NYC bombs together, I heard the Mayor say this AM. I predict he will catch up later today and do that.

Trump’s immediate reaction was we were bombed. He was clear and loud. He was also ahead of the facts. Hillary was so measured that it is going to hurt her. She was low key, looked tired and frail. She said bomb and then preceded to attack Trump for calling it a bombing. As the day unfolds she is going to take some heat on this. Here’s a story and video if you missed it.     https://news.grabien.com/story.php?id=518

Add the terrorist attack in Minnesota (attacker was called “a soldier of the Islamic State”), there will be a lot in the news today on all this. Let’s see how this plays out, but as the get tough candidate this could help Trump. He needs something to divert the MSM from the birther issue.

——————Quick Hits From The Weekend ————

Did you hear about the attack on a Philadelphia Police Officer while she sat in her car? She was badly wounded. That was followed by a second night of police attacks. This should be bigger news.

Want some examples of the birther stories. By the way. In all this birther issue have you heard anyone say this. If Obama would have released his birth certificate instead of letting the issue go on for years there would have been no issue. The issue died when he released the full certificate. Was that so hard?

The Washington Post is anti Trump ran this:

Liberal blogs:

A story that supports with some facts Hillary’s team amy have raised the issue first.

So the B’s are the news today. Birthers and Bombs.
Real Clear Politics this AM showed the Clinton lead down to 1 point. That is shocking to the MSM and this bomb news is unwelcome to them with the birther issue available.

I still think the election comes down to who people are against more than who they are for.

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