Follow what I say (not what I do)


It’s a rough few days for Hillary as this issue of her honesty and trustworthiness remains front and center. Not good days for her when even her friends get mad. The media is fine with her misleading and outright lying at times; just don’t do it to them. How could she not tell us about her pneumonia they want to know. They’re hurt, like when a friend lets you down.

We don’t know but don’t you get the feeling there is more to Hillary’s medical issues than they are sharing? Their lies, like she went to her daughters and ran around for an hour and a half with the grandkids doesn’t pass the intelligence test. First she didn’t look ready to run anywhere on Sunday, maybe roll. Plus if she had pneumonia did she really play with the kids? Then add things like this, did you see Bill Clinton’s interview and how he stumbled from “frequently” to “rarely” that this happens to Hillary?

It won’t last that long so enjoy it. Watch how the Clinton team pivots to Trump’s taxes and he is hiding everything. Watch the media begin to equate taxes to hiding health news. Watch how her allies attack Trump now. Two examples this AM. The Attorney General in NY is going after the Trump Foundation. Pay no attention to that. They have a long running feud and Trump has gone after him. Then Newsweek does a cover about the foundation and it’s funding, casting spells on it. As friends do, they will forgive her and try (in their minds) to even the playing field.

Then they will send the guns out early to rev up a reluctant base. Obama will be all out for her, he despises Trump for the birther issue and all he represents. He will drive the minority vote. Biden will be very active and Bill will go non stop now. They know some bad weeks have closed the gap and they will try and stem them and begin to widen things. The MSM will eat anything these three throw their way and help a lot.

The Trump camp will continue playing up the Hillary “deplorable” remark big time. Great move bringing minority event attendees to the stage and having them say they are not “deplorable”. In fact they ask, what is she talking about. I don’t think the Hillary camp thinks the deplorable remark will hurt her. They figure a Trump voter is locked in and they want others to know who a Trump voter is.

Yesterday morning Kelly Anne Conway who is doing a great job as Trump’s manager really took on CNN in an interview. She went right after the biased questions. Watch part of it here.
   Here’s a second part. It went on but I can’t find it. It is worth your time.

Here’s an example of we need to be open to other viewpoints from the left. North Carolina passed a bathroom law. You use the bathroom of your birth. That has incensed liberal America that they have pulled events, all star games and travel to the state. The latest is the NCAA pulling seven dates. What happened to tolerance for other views? I should be tolerant if a man considers himself a woman today and goes into my daughter or granddaughters locker room, but where does tolerance exist for another view?

Yesterday was the hearing in Congress with Hillary’s private email server leads. One didn’t show (the lead guy), two others took the fifth. What a surprise. At least they didn’t lie! But Monday was interesting, Congress had the FBI in and wanted to know why they sent them redacted information. They then subpoenaed the FBI person on the spot on live TV to deliver it all. Did you see that on the MSM?

By the way did you see what Green Party candidate Jill Stein said? She would not have killed Osama Bin Laden. ““I think assassinations. . . they’re against international law to start with and to that effect, I think I would not have assassinated Osama bin Laden but would have captured him and brought him to trial,”

Enough of her.

Two stories of interest from the WSJ.

First: Don’t they make a lot of mistakes that won’t happen again at the Clinton camp?
“Top Clinton officials acknowledged earlier Monday that the campaign made mistakes handling Mrs. Clinton’s exit on Sunday. Press secretary Brian Fallon said the staff had erred in failing to provide information for 90 minutes after Mrs. Clinton’s early departure from the memorial event in lower Manhattan, even as video clips circulated on social media showing her slumping as she tried to step into a van”.
Second: This one could potentially hurt and may be a surprise.
“Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants has provoked widespread outrage and potentially unprecedented interest in the presidential election by the fast-growing Muslim community. Muslims make up only about 1% of the U.S. population, according to the Pew Research Center. But the community is concentrated in several large swing states that could influence the November election, including Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, the largest coalition of national and local Muslim groups, aims to register one million voters by the Nov. 8 election”.

Two old adages come to mind to close this out today.
1. May you live in interesting times. We do.
2. It’s not the voters that matter, it’s the people who count the voters.

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