Health, Russia and Taxes


The questions about Hillary’s health got louder on Monday as we suspected. Out came the “doctors” with their “possible” causes of her issues. (Story below). When she returns to the campaign trail Hillary will have to be energetic and not show any signs. She is on thin ice now and her friends in the MSM are questioning this hidden news of the pneumonia. Trump announced he took a full physical last week and will release all numbers and results this week. Hillary said she will too. Can we believe anything they say?

Even strong supporters like the NY Daily News are all over Hillary and her team on hiding her health information and general untruthfulness. In this mornings paper (Tuesday) here is a headline. “Clinton’s cover story for her pneumonia diagnosis further proves her first instinct is to lie”.

What happens if she (or any candidate) has to drop out? The respective committees (DNC or RNC) pick the replacements.

Speaking of the election did you know this? From the WSJ: “The first absentee ballots of the general election were set to be mailed out on Friday in the battleground of North Carolina, marking the start of early voting across the nation”. Imagine that, one candidate goes down with an illness, the first of four debates (counting VP one) is weeks away and people can vote. How open minded do you think they are?

Trump and his words about Putin continue to get major play in the media and from his opposition. What do they want him to do, bring a Red Button to Russia to reset the bad relationship Bush had? Oh wait, Hillary did that. It worked. Remember?
Do you know that when she presented that red button (modeled after the Staples ad) she put the wrong Russian word on it? She put “peregruzka”, which in Russian means over charged. The Russian dipolmat said, “you got it wrong”.
Wait the smartest woman in the world and most ready person ever made another mistake? Really?

You know how we’ve ranted about states and their tax policies driving working citizen income down, and businesses out, while others make it inviting? Here’s an example I can share from a personal viewpoint. For ten days I drove the entire state of Texas. In every area, in every town, in remote spots and populated ones there was building going on. Building new roads, expanding highways, new office towers and housing. It was clear why Texas is booming. Imagine one state having three of the top five growing cities in the nation; and five of the top ten. Here’s the story if you want to verify this.

Now contrast that with my home state of Connecticut. Thirty years ago is was a mini Texas. People and businesses moved to it because it was a no income tax state and very business friendly. It was booming. Then it changed philosophy and went the other way. Here’s quotes from a story this weekend from the business community on the state:
“A new survey of state business executives indicates while most companies reported profitable years in 2015, fewer than half plan to hire more employees”. Why?
“Nearly 80 percent of the executives said costs of conforming to state regulations is their biggest challenge, followed by taxes (74 percent), the unpredictability of the General Assembly (71 percent), and the lack of skilled workers (47 percent)”. What is the Democratic liberal reaction?
“But Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey, D-Hamden, said the business organization’s agenda is critical of state government, and tainted by its announcement to support about 15 mostly Republican challengers against incumbent Democrats as part of a $400,000 fall election campaign. CBIA’s credibility as a true representative of business interests has been compromised when they decided to engage in political campaigning for the first time in memory, Sharkey said in a statement”.
Republican reaction to this?
“Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano, R-North Haven, said the survey underscores his criticism of the years-long Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. “It clearly shows that without the confidence in our state, businesses are not growing and don’t want to until the Legislature takes more responsibility, Without confidence that the Democratic majority will do it the right way, it translates to a stagnant economy”.

Who do think is doing it right? The business world has spoken.

Polls yesterday and this morning:
LATimes Daily Poll: Even race yesterday, Trump by 2 today
NBC poll: Clinton by 2
State Polls:
JMC Analytics has Trump up 4 in Florida.
FoxDetroit has Clinton up 6 in Michigan.


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