9/11 and …….


What a sobering day yesterday was with all the 9/11 remembrances, stories and film. A reminder of the enemy we fight and what they want to do to us because we are Americans and free. Let’s hope our nation stays vigilant. I am on the side that says our best way to do that is to keep after them and strike first. Playing defense only invites the next action.

One personal note here. Last week while visiting the George W. Bush library I was able to see personal notes from him and his closest aides while at the school where he was told, on the plane later and that evening. I came away so impressed with his leadership, clear thinking and complete understanding of what this meant. He knew it was war. A war that would be different, like none we had never fought before, and that it would take years. He made it clear from moment one that our response was going to be big and not one of those “crap things”. I contrast that with my memory of the media attacking him for staying in the classroom and not appreciating what was happening. The notes and messages told a different story. I am not a big Bush supporter, but on this day he was strong and clear.

One other thing. While we walked the library Nancy spent a lot of time in the classroom area that Laura Bush devoted her efforts to as First Lady. The library attendant told her a story of one the students in the room that day where the President was reading the book. She is grown now and a teacher herself. She recently brought her class to the library to share her experience with them.

The other big news yesterday was Hillary and her health. Her leaving the 9/11 ceremony was one thing. The video that someone shot later of her being held upright and almost falling was something else. It led even the skeptical media to ask questions. Quickly the Clinton camp said she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. The media is not going to like not being told and she is in for a rough day Monday. Long range impact? It will depend on her debate performance. If she says she is recovered, shows up strong at the debate and stays strong for an hour and a half, she will be fine. But if she has a tough night, or another major incident this will become an issue. Right now her supporters will stay with her.

Before this incident Democrats were wondering and actually worried as to why she wasn’t further ahead of Trump. Even the liberal Washington Post was talking and asking about that.

Polls over the weekend:
ABC: Clinton by 5
LATimes; Clinton by 1
State Polls:
Trump up in: Nevada by 1;   Arizona by 2;  Georgia by 2.
Clinton up in: New Hampshire by 2;  Florida by 2;  Ohio by 7. (the later 2 are from CBS)
Senate Race Polls: Some good news for Republicans here.
NH: Kelly Ayotee up 8 in a potential Dem takeover. Big change.
Nevada: Republican up 2 (race for Harry Reid’s seat)
Georgia and Arizona, Republican incumbents up 15 and 18 respectively.
Indiana the Democrat Bayh is up 4 in a takeover opportunity.

Senate projection remains unchanged for now. We see a 50/50 spilt with VP having deciding vote.

Have a good week.

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