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Okay let’s start here. If you a Trump supporter consider yourself “deplorable”. Hillary said so. She said half are and since I am not, you must be.

Of course she apologized the next day but that strikes me as newsworthy too. You see for twenty plus years the liberals have told us she is “the smartest person in the world”. The “most ready candidate ever for President”. For someone so smart and worthy she sure seems to be apologizing often lately. Maybe she fell and hit her head or something.

Wait did I see this for real? “The United States and Russia hailed a breakthrough deal on Saturday to put Syria’s peace process back on track, including a nationwide ceasefire effective from sundown on Monday, improved aid access and joint targeting of banned militant Islamist groups.” Wasn’t it Donald Trump who was saying all week that wouldn’t it be great if the U.S. and Russia worked together in the area? Wasn’t he criticized at length by the Democrats and MSM for being too cozy with Putin? Am I missing something here?

By the way, all the talk of Aleppo and what Gary Johnson knew is missing the real point. You see in Aleppo, Assad and his army are using chemical weapons against them. The same chemical weapons that President Obama drew his red line over. The media isn’t covering this are they?

Did you see or hear that Mike Pence released his tax returns? Not much coverage. Why? The man reported income of $113,026 dollars. That’s it. The Clintons reported $10.6 million in income last year. The Kaines reported $313,441 in 2015 income. Hard for the MSM to cover this, they don’t know what to say about those rich Republicans.

Obama faces a challenge this weekend. The house and senate passed unanimously a bill allowing the families of those slain on 9/11 to sue the Saudi Arabia, where fifteen of the hijackers were citizens. The President has fought the bill and threatened to veto it.  Tough spot, especially this weekend.

Another challenge for the President is North Korea. Their conducting and exploding their fifth and largest nuclear weapon ever is a problem. It raises the question again. Where in the world are we in better shape because of the Obama, Clinton and Kerry foreign policy? Let me know.

People often ask me why “doesn’t this matter to Clinton voters”? Here’s one you won’t believe. Rasmussen survey, “Eighty-five percent (85%) of Democrats agree with 89% of GOP voters and 85% of voters not affiliated with either major party that a candidate’s health is important to their vote”.  In the same survey “only 17% of Democrats think Clinton’s health is a legitimate voter concern.” Go figure.

A few days ago we said the Clinton campaign was all negative with ads and messaging, nothing about her and why we should support her. Well the WSJ today reports, “Hillary Clinton’s campaign, heavy on attacks against Donald Trump, has concluded that it hasn’t done enough to telegraph a positive message, and plans a series of speeches aimed at defining her vision for the presidency.” Who told them?

Some poll analysis.
The FiveThirtyEight group known for their accuracy have Hillary with a 70% chance of winning. They see her with 310 electoral votes and Trump 227. Interestingly based upon the analysis we provided of highs and lows for each candidate they project today Hillary 47%, Trump 43% and Johnson 9%.
The Sabato Crystal Poll has a wider gap with Hillary getting 348 electoral votes and Trump 190. They also have the Senate going Democratic with 50 seats, Republicans 49, and the race in Nevada a toss up. I’m not sure about this. I think Penn. New Hampshire and possibly Indiana could be held by Republicans if Trump continues his gains.

The race is tighter now than at anytime the past two months. If Trump can stay on message and under control he can continue to gain and close the gap.

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