The aftermath of the military forum continues. Two clear reasons why it was a bad day for Clinton. First she had a press conference at 9 AM to try and control the dialogue the day after. Her comments were all about what Trump said. Which raises a question too. What does Hillary stand for? Her ads, her words everything she does is about Trump. Where is she going to take this country? What are her accomplishments?

Then the left wing media and Hillary supporters took off on Matt Lauer. For what, for asking her questions about her emails? I thought he did a fair job, but the Hilary people were all over him. Imagine a MSM person asking her tough questions. That’s just not fair to them.

So after a debate or event watch what happens. In this case the Hillary team acted like they had a problem.

For Trump’s part many in the media took off after him yesterday (and into this morning) on his words about Putin and the Generals. Did he go too far? Yes, he needs to explain his position better. With the Generals the “rubble” he is talking about is that the President does not listen. They recommend troop levels, actions and activity but Obama reverts to retreat and doesn’t support them. That is real and he needs to explain it that way.

Will this impact the polls? I think it will, but not how you might conclude. I think some Hillary support softens again and you see next week her numbers at the low end of the season. I don’t think Trump goes up. He didn’t win new voters, and his ceiling is what it is still. She can decline a little. Watch this.

The Libertarian candidate Gary johnson took a big hit yesterday. He was pulling equally from both Trump and Clinton, so what do those people do now? It’s hard for him to recover as his exposure is limited but this gaffe got major coverage. Jill Stein (Green Party) knows less than Johnson. I have watched her interviews and when the tough questions come she is lost.

Amazing the choices we have this year.

A question as you watch the media go crazy. They are angry at Trump for wanting to build a wall right? Then they are angry too because he wants to build a partnership with Putin. Does that seem consistent to you? Is it just they are anti Trump?

Back in the 80’s the same media accused Reagan (and others before him on the right) of being war mongers and threats to the world because they would not talk to the Soviet leaders. Reagan was going to lead us to WW111. Remember that? He was bad, a danger, trigger happy. When he walked away from a deal because he didn’t like it they were ready to impeach him. (All he did was win the cold war without a shot being fired). Anyway, now Trump wants to build a relationship and that is bad. Is the media simply biased?

New polls yesterday and this AM.
Rasmussen: Clinton by 4
LATimes: Clinton by 1

Interesting State Polls just released:
Clinton leads in: Penn.: by 5,   NC: by 4,  Colorado by 5,  Oregon by 13
Trump: Ohio by 4
Florida: Tie
Trump still has a long way to go.

One story that may get play is the Hillary health one. Here’s an interesting one:

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