Labor Day – Election On


Traditionally Labor Day marked the beginning of the Presidential Election. The summer was over, Labor Day behind us and people began paying attention. I don’t think that wisdom holds up any longer. People have been paying attention and I dare guess that at least 80% of their minds set and are not changing it.

What can we expect in the weeks ahead?
Lot’s of coverage of both candidates and their activities.
Tons of staged events with purposeful messages.
In ten days all the talk will turn to debate one scheduled for Sept. 26.
An organized Clinton team with a daily message touted by surrogates too.
A high energy Donald Trump that will travel all over, early and late.
An attempt by both to paint the other as not worthy. Trust vs. Character.

What Clinton will do:
Attack Trump on his temperament and one we can’t trust with the codes.
Try to do enough campaigning to say “see I am fine”, but still limiting.
Answer as few questions as possible. Too much to explain and why risk it.
Prep hard for for the debate and answer the email questions and move on.
Apologize for anything she did, stress she has strived to always do right.
Her team will have a daily message everyone on TV will stress the same.
Get Obama, Biden and Bill out in key areas they can help the most.
Highlight the Republicans for her and that she is a fence builder.
Spend like crazy out spending Trump by a large amount.
Attack his failure to release taxes big time.
Build an incredible ground game to get out the vote.

What Trump will do:
Build upon his Hillary attack and the emails and her actions.
Stress she has poor judgement for someone with 30 years in DC.
Try and paint we need change and he is it.
He will ask, how could someone who helped create the problem change it?
Try and present his demeanor a little calmer and one you can trust.
Prep for the debate. Hopefully he lowers expectations for himself.
Continue seeking free media to offset her dollar advantage.
Attack the press as biased.
He will count on people getting out to vote more than a pull organization.
Continue his outreach to the African American community and inner cities
A new attempt to recapture some of the Hispanic vote.

In the above I see advantage her. Here’s an article that makes the case for her advantage if you want another view.

What Trump needs to offset her attacks (as well as Obama, Biden and others) on taxes and temperament is an event that challenges her trustworthiness and character again. What could that be?

A new email release building upon current and qualifies as a smoking gun.
A counter to the questions she “could not remember” that shows she knew and lied.
Additional health news that illustrates the concussion was really severe and really did result in permanent memory loss limiting her now. And she did have another coughing fit yesterday in Ohio.
Release of hacked emails that she said she erased because they were personal and not government business.
A Trump win in the debates, which will be very tough.

Well onto the election.

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