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Of course the FBI released it’s notes and records from the Hillary interview on a Friday afternoon, of Labor Day weekend, and with a Hurricane dominating the news. Is the FBI really trying to help Hillary? But, make no mistake the notes and information is explosive and is not going away. In case you missed it here are the high, or low lights.

First, she could not recall events because she fell and had a concussion in 2012. Wow.

Her cell phones? She lost them with classified information. When she didn’t they used a hammer to break them up.

The classified markings? The Secretary of State didn’t know what they were. Thought they were just a way to put things in alphabetical order.
http://just a way to put paragraphs in alphabetical order.

Plus she didn’t know what was classified. The Secretary of State.

The WSJ reports: Days after taking office in 2009, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was warned by Colin Powell, one of her predecessors, that use of an email account could make her messages official government records and subject to public release. According to documents released Friday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mr. Powell told Mrs. Clinton in an email that she might be subject to public-records laws if she used email for work purposes. The exchange was disclosed in a report by the FBI that dates to July, when the agency recommended against prosecuting Mrs. Clinton for her email arrangement while she was secretary of state. There is so much more to this story and it is not going to go away. Her credibility is shot. She will reach even lower levels on trust now.

Other News

Remember the memo shared from the Democratic election committee that ¬†Black Lives Matter not All for political purposes? The BLM group saw it too. Not happy about it, “accusing Democrats of trying to mollify activists without taking them seriously”.¬†

More Republicans jumping ship AND endorsing Hillary? This report says that Henry Kissinger and former Sec. of State George Schultz are about to. Why would they do this? At worst endorse no one.

Did you hear Tim Kaine and others says Trump “choked” on getting the Mexican President to pay for the wall? It added to a bad week for him. To me it simply showed no negotiation ability to think and say that. First you build a relationship. Get the easy things done “yes build a security system”. Then you get to other parts. Caught by surprise the Democrats used that “choke” word. Well Donald Trump Jr. answered them.



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