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The polls are all over the map. Yesterday’s releases ranged the USA Today poll that had Clinton up 7 to Rasmussen who had Trump up 1. Our guess is Hillary is up about 4.

But to illustrate the Trump recovery the past two weeks we have some key states tightening somewhat. The latest are Virginia and Pennsylvania where leads are now 2 and 5 respectively in latest polls. The 2 seems low to us and 5 seems right in Pa. which is down from 10. This might be the last poll you see from West Virginia where Trump leads by 18. Remember when Hillary slipped up and said she was going to put the miners out of business? Well they remember too and are doing their part to retire her.

But, don’t get too excited if you a Trump supporter. The Clinton machine is oiled and well financed. They raised $143 million dollars last month. The MSM will give them cover and really support Obama and crowd on the trail. Plus the debates where she is clearly favored and Trump can easily go off track on his answers. So we’ve narrowed but she remains the over whelming favorite.

Did you see where Julian Assange said the MSM is protecting Hillary? He said she is going to win because of that.

Did you see the stories about the Chicago murder rate already exceeding all of 2015 already? The WSJ headline was “Chicago’s Shooting Deaths Top 2015 Total”. CBS Chicago said August was the city’s “bloodiest” in 20 years. They have strict gun control too!

Here’s one I bet you didn’t hear on your nightly news. Secret Democratic Memo Calls Black Lives Matter ‘Radical,’ Instructs Staff Not To Say ‘All Lives Matter”. Your liberal Democratic Party in action. The document was released Wednesday morning by the now famous hacker Guccifer 2.0.


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