ELECTION UPDATES: New polls today. NBC has Hillary up 4.

The WSJ Think Tank did an election analysis and came up with this:
“Seven characteristics of the 2016 presidential race, including the fact the lead for Hillary Clinton has settled in: The race has mostly ranged between zero to eight points and settled at four or five points. Though small, this is a significant advantage for Hillary Clinton and is likely to be impacted only through the debates.”

Some good news for Republican Senate candidates. They have taken leads in some key states. Pa. Toomey up 7;  Ohio Portman up 8;  Fl. Rubio up 5; NC Burr up 3; and Missouri Blunt up 5. If they can hold those four it would help. Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana appear to be losses, so they have a cushion of one pending all the others. New Hampshire and Nevada could be the deciding seats.

I don’t see how this Bill Clinton comment can help Hillary in Detroit and Michigan. With Obama claiming to have reached his goal already of 10,000 refugees this year already, how does Clinton talking about them filling jobs in Detroit help there?

Obamacare continues to unravel. Here’s a story that says nearly a third of the country might end up with one choice. The system was built with the idea competition would keep costs down. I don’t think there is time and a good enough way to explain all this to the voters to matter this year. But the next President is going to face a real problem. The Democratic solution  if they win will be what they wanted from the outset. A single payer system.

Did you see the State Department announced “the agency had discovered 30 Benghazi-related emails among the records recovered from Hillary Clinton’s private server.” They were ordered to release them upon review. There won’t be any smoking gun in them as the FBI has likely seen them and do you think they would have volunteered them if there was?

Fox News continues to dominate the cable war. They won the August Ratings War big, but the surprise was MSNBC came in second overall (CNN did with the key demo group). For those interested here’s the story:

Cable News Ratings: CNN, MSNBC Battle for Second in August as Fox News Dominates Again

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