Any Good News Here?


The latest national presidential polls, take your choice:
Monmouth – Hill by 7, LAT – Tie, Gravis – Hill by 1, Quinnipiac – H by 10.
RCP average shows Hillary by 6.

New key state polls released Monday:
Pa. Clinton by 3. Ohio – Tie, Michigan Hillary by 5. Arizona Hillary by 1.

Not much good news for Trump there. One funny thing though you continue to see signs of a hidden Trump vote. There is a theory that voters are not telling pollsters they are voting for Trump, but all these little things like t-shirts sold show more Trump. Maybe more dedicated voters? Here’s one today on soda sales in blue Connecticut: “The soda company is conducting its own presidential straw poll based on sales of the two soft drinks, with Trump Tonic leading with 26,650 bottles (54 percent) to Hilary Hooch’s 22,220 bottles (45 percent) as of Aug. 15”.

Interesting WSJ story on Florida: “Florida, the largest swing state, is being keenly targeted by the presidential campaigns. Fast-growing minority communities give Democrats an increasing advantage in Florida, one of the most heated battlegrounds in the presidential election. A different and little-noted demographic trend is helping to keep the state competitive for Donald Trump: a new influx of white retirees. While Democrat Hillary Clinton can lose the state and find other paths to victory, it is seen as a must-win for Mr. Trump. New arrivals help explain why the Florida race remains tight in polls. The most recent, a Mason-Dixon survey released Friday, showed Mr. Trump trailing Mrs. Clinton by only two points among likely voters, a slim margin helped in part by his lead of over 20 points among white seniors.”

Another Hollywood star says she is leaving the country if Trump wins. This time it’s Barbara Streisand. If he wins we are going to miss all these stars.

Huma Abedin, Hillary’s top aide made news. She decided she had enough of Weiner. I guess he’s free now to be himself and fully expose his er personality on Twitter and elsewhere.

For you sports fans, especially Jet and Eagle fans. Did you see the Denver Bronco’s named their starting quarterback and it’s Trevor Siemian. I bet you never heard of him. But what is interesting is who he beat out. Mark Sanchez.

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