A Quiet Weekend – For Hillary

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With Hillary out of the limelight for days the MSM has nothing else to do or report except attack Trump, which they did in full gusto. You’d think at some point they’d get upset with Hillary for not being around and available, but it hasn’t happened yet.

And what is there to talk to her about anyway? Oh emails that’s right, and how about this. Is there a tie between her state department activity and the Clinton Foundation? To know you need to know her meeting schedule. Well here is the state department response. “Clinton calendars won’t be released until after election”.

With the limelight to himself Trump could make some headway except he helps the MSM make it easier to report negative on him. He tweeted before he thought and turned a potential strong message on a Chicago killing into a negative. He tried to catch up an hour later but the media would not let him.

Add the continued confusion over what his immigration stance is and the MSM can continue portraying an out of control candidate and campaign.

Oh yea, add the stories of wife beating and supposedly negative Jewish statements with his new campaign CEO Stephen Bannon and you have the complete storm.

No change in the polls, RCP has it Clinton by 6. It is steady now. All purple states trending to Hillary.

Quick Hits:

Sunday NY Post column by Michael Goodwin hits it right. Title: Elections are a game — and Clinton plays it better

No coverage of this really but an issue Trump could play and America would react to. Joe Biden says he expects Obama to close Gitmo before leaving office. That is to keep a wrong promise, Obama will release all the terrorist prisoners.

A coincidence? Maybe. After six years on CNN Dr Drew’s show was cancelled within days of his questioning Hillary’s health.

Media bias? PBS Gets Caught Cutting Criticism Of Hillary, TPP, and Obamacare From Jill Stein Interview.
http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/08/26/pbs-gets-caught-cutting-criticism-of-hillary-tpp-and-obamacare-from-jill-stein-interviewSpeaking of Obamacare, the day of reckoning is coming, but Obama delayed the bills until he leaves office.

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