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This and That to close the week:

You have heard no doubt about the CEO of Mylan the drug maker of EpiPen who gave herself a huge raise while raising the price of this food allergy life saver 460% since 2007. It’s all over the airwaves. But did you know she is the daughter of a Democratic Senator? That she was a contributor to the Clinton Foundation? The MSM did not seem to cover that part.

Did you happen to hear Wikileakes founder Julian Assange on the Kelly File? He promised an October surprise that will really damage Hillary.

Did you hear or see one of the funniest lines of this campaign season from Rudy Guiliani? He said at a Florida rally:  “The Only Enthusiastic Crowd Hillary Could Draw Would Be a Grand Jury”

Remember when they called Republicans the party of the rich? Here’s an interesting story on how Hillary is out raising Donald 44-1 from the wealthiest 25 zip codes in the country.
You all know Gabby Giffords the Democratic congress person who was shot and is leading the anti gun movement. She spoke at the Democratic Convention. Her gun group endorsed two Republicans. When I first heard that I figured they backed two sure winners to try and gain influence. But no, one was Pat Toomey in Pa. a true toss up race and may be the key to Senate control. The other was Mark Kirk in Illinois a likely loser. A surprise for sure.

Here’s a piece from the Washington Times that talks about the MSM and it’s performance and demise this election season.

You may recall we remarked about the manner in which Trump was reaching out to minority voters and the language he was using. The NY Times had a good story on it.

Finally, Trump’s immigration policy remains top of the news. He just never gets things behind him so he can keep the focus on Hillary. His immigration was a disaster from the ride down the escalator. I am going to repeat one more time the best way out. Below is directly from our blog post of June 17th. Take a reread, what sound advice it was.

First, shut up. Literally think before your mouth moves. You are Hillary’s best friend so far.

Cease, as in stop attacking popular Republicans like Governor Martinez in New Mexico. Are you serious attacking her? A popular woman, who is latino and the head of the Republican Governor’s association? What serious candidate would do that with the latino issues you already have? I know you are too arrogant to fix the issue, but you better find humility. Your enemy is Hillary, the liberals and the press. Not Governor Martinez.

Next a Muslim ban might be popular in the Republican Primary with it’s narrow voting bloc. You are going to be buried with it in the general election. Your “wall” is okay, but you went too far. Back up.

Want a way out? Here’s your way:

Change it to a call for a “Security Hold” on immigration “until” we can set a vetting process that we can live with. You see Donald words matter. Then say you have a team headed by someone like Tom Ridge ready to evaluate and provide recommendations following the election and you expect to have the new rules in place by inauguration day. You want a hold to assure America is safe.

Next, announce your immigration plan. Deporting twelve million people may be popular in a restricted primary. You are about to get buried on this with ads showing kids born here who will be separated from parents and grandparents that will bury you. Your new plan should be this. We have a legal immigration process that has people’s names on it who have applied. Those of you here illegally, you have six months to add your names if not already on it. You then will be allowed to stay as you await citizenship. But, you must register, not break any laws, pay taxes and be part of society. This approach should satisfy hard liners because we are not granting citizenship to those who entered illegally, and keep liberals quiet because we are not deporting and separating families. Let Hillary defend why this is harsh. You will win that battle. You can’t win defending your current position.

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