Looking Ahead.


This morning some in the MSM seem to have recognized that the new revelations of a tie between the Clinton State Department and the Foundation can be a problem for her. Add the 15,000 additional emails found that she had erased as “yoga and Chelsea’s wedding” turned out to contain state information and you have a real connection and issue. Plus when you view her comments to Congress and elsewhere about “scrubbing the memo’s” which turned out to be a lie and you have an issue. The add Colin Powell calling her on using his name and this should be a big story. Let’s see how the MSM covers it now.

The Clintons are slick. Did you see how they handled the Powell comments? They immediately reacted saying, as we said before we regret having a separate server and will not do it again. They try and box in the story. Trump would fight back.

Then on calls about shutting down the foundation the Clintons announce immediately that as long as she is President they will accept no foreign donations. Think about that. They can accept all they want until Jan. 20 of next year, and the day after she leaves. Does anyone think there won’t be deals done and that we can trust the Clintons?

Let’s see how big this gets. It has potential to be major. Otherwise I think she has the edge in what each side can be planning to take control.

The Clinton side will certainly ramp up “what is he hiding with his taxes”.
Obama will be out in full force all of October to drum up turnout.
Democrats a united party will be attacking with a singular message.
They will feature some prominent Republicans endorsing Hillary.
They will saturate the air waves with their large monetary advantage.
They will utilize perceived racial statements by Trump to drive voting.
They will present Trump as unstable and not to be trusted with the codes.
It will be a wave of attacks followed by another and then another.
Ads will close with lines about experienced steady leadership from Hillary.
Hillary, Bill, Obama, Biden and Kaine will all be in different places daily.

This will be tough for Trump to counter.
He has a divided party that has many leaders not backing him.
He cannot count on The Bushes, Paul Ryan, Romney or McCain.
With candidates not endorsing he will walk a tightrope in Senate races.
The same in some congressional and Governor races.
He will probably use Pence, Guiliani, Christie and Carson to counter.
His fund raising lags hers by an incredible amount. (See below)
Thus he will continue to seek free media attention as he has until now.
He will continue attacking her as a liar who cannot be trusted.
He will go after the Foundation.

Unless we are missing something the road ahead for Trump is not favorable. He needs that unforeseen event to change things.
The debates are an opportunity, but she goes in as the favorite.
And the experienced one in them and on the issues.
Email leaks are a possibility, but wow is that far out there
Health issues could arise, but doctors have proclaimed her healthy.
Terrorist attacks could impact things, but how they react would matter.

So the road ahead is daunting for the Trump team. Promising for Hillary.

Here’s one thing that could change everything. The American people.
Maybe, just maybe, the people are so upset that nothing matters and they want change. Possible?
Check this out, I bet it is a surprise to you. The MSM missed this

GOP winning registration race in key states. In Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa and North Carolina, more new voters identify as Republicans. Check this story out here. This could be significant.

Remember when Trump raised funds almost equal to Hillary after his convention and then when he shot his mouth off we said watch it dry up. Here’s a clip from a WSJ story on July funds raised:
“CLINTON’S CASH LEAD OVER TRUMP GREW IN JULY: Heading into the final months of the presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton has amassed far more financial firepower than her Republican rival, Donald Trump. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign raised $63 million in July, on top of $26 million for two joint funds with the Democratic Party and nearly $10 million raised by her friendly super PAC, according to new Federal Election Commission filings. Between her campaign, joint accounts and outside groups, Mrs. Clinton and her allies ended the month with $140 million in the bank. In contrast, Mr. Trump’s campaign raised $36 million in July, in addition to $44 million raised for his joint funds with the Republican National Committee. His campaign, joint funds and allied outside groups had $78 million on hand at the end of July.”


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