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Watching the Sunday news I saw two examples of the media bias we discussed on Friday.
– On the local news Sunday AM the anchor introduced the next segment to his co host with this. They would be back with that story about “Donald Trump’s out reach to black voters” and as the camera moved back he laughed out loud. Anyone watching could see he thought it was a joke and the story had no relevance. His personal feelings influenced the reporting.
– Then an hour later watching CNN as they headed to a break the anchor said we’ll be back with a discussion on whether Barack Obama should leave his vacation and return to work because of Louisiana. Wait a minute no one said he and his family should go back to Washington. They said he should visit Louisiana. They said he should take one day/afternoon to fly to Louisiana. You see the wording of the question was designed by someone favorable to Obama and presented to make it seem highly reasonable he should stay with his family and those saying otherwise were the unreasonable ones.

Obama did comment on Louisiana though. He warned them not to discriminate on assistance.

Now the Trump outreach. It’s a great idea to seek votes in your opponents strongholds. I learned that lesson many years ago when I was working my first campaign with a really bright candidate. He challenged our incumbent opponent to debates. He told him we will debate at your club. I said to him “why would we go there, everyone will be against us”. He said, “exactly. When we walk in everyone will be against us. If we turn anyone it will be like two votes, one we gain, one he loses. We can’t lose anything, we can only win”. I learned a lesson and have never understood why Republicans haven’t gone after minority voters and other solid Democratic groups. Especially using lines like “if you’re satisfied with your life, your families lives and your children’s future then go ahead and continue voting like you are. If you want your children and grandchildren to have a better chance, change your vote.

Speaking of Trump there are rumors about his changing his mind on deporting illegal aliens. We gave him the policy months ago if you remember. They register, go on the list to become citizens, behind those who registered legally. They get to stay now, pay taxes and work. If they break they law they go. Everyone wins.

Going after minority voters is all upside. However his words were off. Look at how he said what he did. “You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. Fifty-eight percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”He said this to an almost one hundred per cent white audience. His words should have been I am going after the minority vote, they’re living in poverty ……..”. His closing line “One thing we know for sure is if you keep voting for the same people, you will keep getting the same — exactly the same result,” would have been very impactful.

So finally Colin Powell gets angry and calls Hillary out on using his name for her email scandal. He called her a liar in so many words. Of the versions who are you going to believe him or Hillary?

Sunday polls released. CBS news has Clinton by 6. The LA Times had Trump by 2. That’s an outlier from every poll of the last three weeks. The best guess is Clinton is 5-6 ahead right now. Obama won by that much. It’s clear Tump’s slide has subsided for now. One poll Sunday showed Iowa a possible swing state even. Clinton had been up by 3. Also some good news for Republicans, Rob Portman has taken a 7 point lead in Ohio for the Senate seat. It’s one they need to hold.

This morning New Day (CNN Morning Show) told it’s audience, “you may be wondering why we haven’t had Clinton surrogates on”. They then said, “we have asked for the past two weeks but they have not sent anyone, turning us down”. I wonder why. Could it be that at Clinton headquarters they said, don’t send anyone the CNN anchors are doing better than we can beating up Trump! Imagine if Trump didn’t send someone, it would be a non stop bashing. With Clinton no one noticed!

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