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Trump gave another strong speech last night and in the right tone. It appears to be the influence of his new manager Kellyanne Conway. The MSM gave him credit then proceeded to show every instance over again that he should apologize for. Do they show Hillary’s lies over and over?

So the question of WHY is the media so biased and how can they not recognize it is has come up. Here is the answer.

First study after study show that 80-90% of the broadcasters and writers will vote for the Democratic candidate.  With that knowledge consider this:
When they review what news to cover or print their personal bias are there as to what is important. A new Trump story means more to them than another Hillary email one. It may not be because they are outright being prejudice, but their view of the world leads them there.

When they write the story they think they are being fair, but their personal bias leads to a story that is more attacking to the Republican or Conservative candidate. They are writing the story from their narrative.

When the reporter presents the story he/she thinks they are being fair, but the tone in key places, the emphasis they place, reflect their personal bias. That tone and emphasis changes everything.

The facial expressions may not be planned but they come across and support their personal bias.

The interaction between others on set and the comments they make reflect personal bias and come across.

In a newspaper like the NY Times the headline writers think they are doing their job and being clever, but their biases are being reflected. This is why the conservative headlines are so biting and others not so much.

Where they place the story is impacted by their bias. So a NY Times and Washington Post can find something Trump said worthy of page one; but find “another Hillary email story old news” and it goes to page ten.

So these reporters and anchors think they are being fair but they are far from it. In fact when they watch FoxNews they ridicule it as biased. Yet on Fox you will hear both sides argued far more than in the MSM and major news organizations. That semblance of fairness is unfairness to them, because they are so biased they don’t see it.

And that folks is the WHY.

Polls: We told you to keep an eye on the polls because maybe, just maybe, Trump had stopped his fall. Three days ago polls had Hillary up 10 and 8. Three released in the last day show her up 4, 2 and 5. Real Clear Polictics had her up 6.7, now it’s 5.8. Small change but significant he stopped the slide and may be gaining footing.
Don’t get too excited though he is way behind and every swing state has gone negative. Here’s a quote from a writer in the Washington Post that puts it in perspective.
We’re getting to the point where the Democratic presidential nominee is closer to winning red states than she is to losing swing states.
Aaron Blake, reporter for The Washington Post.

Remember what we told you about Jill Stein the Green Party candidate? Every vote for her is one Hillary loses. She will be on Primetime on CNN next week. Now she needs more exposure than that, but she appeals to Bernie voters.

BTW, what would the press be saying if Bush were vacationing in Cape Cod and there were was the devastation in Louisiana like we have?

Friday best guess on electoral vote standing: Hillary 348, Trump 190
On Senate, a 50-50 spilt (so VP has controlling vote).


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