Can Trump Move Now?


Finally you get the sense Trump has leveled off, gained some footing and maybe he is starting to recover some ground. Keep a lookout for the polls next week to see. He needs it.

Plus he has not spent any money on ads yet. He is hitting the airwaves today in key states. This should help stem the tide and help build some momentum.

The other thing to watch and see is if the with Trump not shooting himself, will the press continue their assault on him or actually turn some heat on Hillary? So far they have continued bashing him. This week on his changing of the campaign staff. Meanwhile, her email story keeps getting worse and the release of her FBI testimony to the members of Congress could be another blow. Her refusal to answer questions about the emails or anything else could move front and center. Let’s see if the press backs off him a little and turns some heat on her. She continues to avoid the press and at some point they have to address this.

The fallout of longtime Republican party members not backing Trump continues. It is far greater than I have seen in the past. Some are actually backing Hillary outright. Shocking.

The Aetna decision to drop out of Obamacare is getting some play. People are beginning to realize there may be an issue here. The 2017 rates for Obamacare are expected to be hit with a significant up-charge. The first rates come out eight days before the election. Is that too late to impact the election? It likely is, but whoever wins is going to face a mess in 2018 with healthcare. Obama delayed all increases until he was out of office.

Speaking of health on Steve Malzberg’s Newsmax show he showed a video beginning (at just before the four minutes into his show) of Hillary at Joe Biden’s boyhood home this week. He pointed out how she carefully held one hand on to something the entire time. You can see his show and video here.

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