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Donald Trump gave the best speech, in the right tone, of his campaign last night in Milwaukee. He provided an alternative and choice for America and even made a case for African Americans to consider him. His words about looking at the inner cities and the conditions they are in was powerful. Then consider they are all under Democratic leadership for decades was a great point. You can almost contrast that with New York City which became livable under his friend Rudy Giuliani. His words and demeanor were on target and now the question is can he build upon it?

Also over night Trump shook up his top level campaign staff again. With 83 days ago that is usually not a good sign.

Did you know ..

  • The Obama administration rejected requests from three FBI field offices that wanted to open public corruption probes of the Clinton Foundation, according to a report that added to headaches for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Alerted by banks to suspicious transactions, the FBI wanted to investigate conflicts of interest involving foreign donors to the foundation while Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state. But the Justice Department stopped it.
  • In a damning assessment of the Obama administration’s handling of the war against the Islamic State, a House Republican task force concluded Thursday that senior military officials scrubbed intelligence reports on the terrorist group’s gains in Iraq and Syria, giving President Obama the rosier appraisal he wanted. The task force said overly optimistic claims by the administration were based on intelligence reports that senior leaders at U.S. Central Command frequently revised over the objections of career analysts.For example, while the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, was preparing to overrun the Iraqi city of Ramadi in the spring of 2015, the Pentagon was telling the media that the extremists were “on the defense” and “losing ground.
  • The latest hit to Obamacare? Aetna one of America’s largest health insurers said it was pulling out of most of the markets in which it was participating, citing huge losses in the past quarter. They reported that it lost $200 million in the second quarter of 2016 and as a result would participate next year in just four states’ Obamacare marketplaces: Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska and Virginia. Aetna had been offering health-insurance plans in 15 states’ Obamacare markets this year, but its retreat mirrors moves by several other major health-insurance providers in recent months. The problem here is the real bills haven’t come due yet. The healthcare bill is going to explode. It’s a wonderful gesture to ensure health care for all, but someone has to pay for the bill for 40 million people. It’s going to explode in the next two years.
  • New poll. NBC reports Hillary is up six (43-37). Most interesting is Gary Johnson is getting 11%. Remember he needs 15% to get into the debates. The five polls that will determine his numbers have been selected. (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and CNN polls). Johnson takes about equally from both Trump and Clinton. Jill Stein is only polling at 4%. Now she would take almost every vote from Hillary, but she can’t get to 15%. New swing state polls not good for Trump. He trials in Virginia by 8, Florida and New Hampshire by 9.
  • That last week Fox News won the cable rating race in total viewers with more than CNN and MSNBC combined? What was interesting was that MSNBC doubled the CNN primetime audience. That’s a problem for CNN.

    Watch Trumps town hall tonight to see how he does. Watch Hillary’s schedule and see how aggressive she is as the health issues continue.


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