Trying to get it together.


Finally Donald Trump delivers a major address, sticks to the script and actually gets positive reviews. Imagine that. You could tell he was using a telepromter one sentence in. I have never seen a candidate with such a difference in presentation. Off the cuff he is dynamic but prone to saying things that cause him issues. With the teleprompter he is somewhat awkward and unnatural. There’s no teleprompter in the debates.

His speech was clear and he laid out his plans to address immigration and a stronger vetting process. He will get much support from conservatives, while liberals will attack, but it was a good day for Trump. Add this. Trump promised to keep Guantanamo open and add others to it. At almost the same time President Obama announced the largest transfer of Guantanamo prisoners sending 15 to the United Arab Emigrates. This leaves only 61 prisoners remaining in the base. There were 242 when he took office. Remember Obama promised to close the prison in year one of his Presidency. He is determined to close it before he leaves. It is estimated one third of the released prisoners go back to the fight with the goal to kill Americans. Why would we release these hardened and determined terrorists, killers and committed individuals? One problem is the MSM won’t cover the releases much.

Khizr Khan is at it again. This time he is challenging Trump to take the naturalization test that all legal immigrants must take to become U.S. citizens. A little more and he going to begin turning people to Trump.

One thing about the Bushes. I heard Hillary answer a question by blaming George Bush for yet another mess. It got me thinking. Clinton, Carter, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders blame Bush for everything. If it’s wrong, it’s Bush’s fault. They call him dumb, a liar, incompetent, lacking character, a killer of young men he sent off and so much more. What does Bush respond? Oh “the dignity” of the office means I will not respond. Okay so they’ll continue blaming you for every ill and tie the party to you. Think of those names they call him. Yet, Donald Trump said his brother had “no energy” and the whole family is in up in arms and won’t endorse Trump. Really, your brother being called low energy” is worse than liar, incompetent and responsible for every ill the country?

The questions about Hillary’s health are growing. Stay tuned on this.

And stay tuned on Wikileaks. Julian Assange is promising a big October surprise. We’ll see.

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