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Editors note: This week the blog may be published at different times this week, due to travel issues.


In this blog the day after the Democratic convention ended we said that the weeks ahead would be the key to the election. Who could ID their opponent the best would get a big leg up. The question we asked is, could Hillary paint Trump as unstable and someone who could not be trusted with the Presidency; or could he paint her as so untrustworthy and a habitual liar who cannot be given the keys to the oval office. Well that question is answered and Trump made her job easy by identifying himself for her. He fed the narrative and not only helped her supporters get over the hump, he also drove some of his away. He continues to get off message and off into tangents that are good in a Republican primary but will destroy him in the general one.

The way I see it now is he is down to an unforeseen event happening to have any chance to close the gap. The excitement over the weekend about emails and release of her testimony to the FBI will not help. As stated before the Clintons go up to the line, let others cross, but not them. So unless the hacked emails have smoking guns in them (yes guns with an s. The MSM will protect one gun), I don’t see where he makes up the ground otherwise.

The Clinton and Democratic machine will now manage the media. As predicted her taxes came out she paid on the high side. See the Clintons knew she was running and didn’t want a tax release issue. Trump? He will not release his, guaranteed he did not pay anywhere near her rate. No doubt he and his tax team fought to pay as little as possible. Then there are questions about his charitable giving. You can tell that by the speeches at the convention where many like Guliani said “he gave anonymously”. They were setting up a scenario in case he does release. Now if you believe he gave anonymously or quietly and didn’t take a tax deduction you don’t know Trump.

So the Democrats will turn up the tax issue from now until election day. Obama will go on the road all of October as if he were running and talk about all he did and we can’t trust Trump. For Obama this is personal. He is still seething over Trump leading the birther issue against him.

To show you how she has outmaneuvered him consider this. With the military he had them in his pocket. Today that vote is in doubt. With Isis they came to be under Obama and Clinton. They called them the JV right? Well Trump has taken that powerful issue and turns them into founders, not in the sense they created the atmosphere for them to grow, but that they founded them. Attacking the media is a good issue for him, so what does he do? He bans some from covering him. That’s not what people want, they want him showing and pointing out the unfairness. Banning them is not a winning position. He takes winning issues and turns them in losers.

So as we start a new week, I see this getting worse and not better. Trump is planning a big speech on foreign affairs. It should be a great topic for him. Watch what happens. Hillary? She took the weekend to rest. Did nothing on the trial. Yet who won the weekend? See what I mean.

Keep that eye on Gary Johnson and the The Libertian Party. Trump with an assist from Hillary’s trust issues is driving them up. They will get the largest third party vote since Ross Perot. In his case he drove it. In this case the major party candidates are making it happen.

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