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Dueling speeches yesterday

Hillary presented her economic plan in Detroit, where Trump did his on Monday. The difference between the two was this. She talked of the good things in Detroit and Michigan. Followed that by what she will do to fix all that is wrong. She beat upon Trumps plan as unworkable. Two very different views of the country and world from the two.

Some observations if I were advising the Trump campaign. Respond with:
1. If you think Detroit is what your city should look like, then Hillary is your candidate.
2. If you think the country is in great shape, then Hillary is your candidate.
3. If you think the person who created the situation can fix it. Hillary is your candidate.
4. If you think the person who helped create the trade issue is the one to fix it, then Hillary is your candidate.
5. If you want more of the same, Hillary is your candidate.
6. If you think the answer is more regulations and higher taxes, Hillary is your candidate.
You get the idea. The differences are clear.

Trump’s speech before the housing builders group may have been his best of the campaign. His tone, presentation, under control and devastating use of facts and a chart left you saying, “if only”.

Here’s a WSJ interactive listing of the Senate toss up seats.
Two years after Republicans took control of the chamber for the first time since 2007 they are defending 24 seats, to 10 for the Democrats. Here are 12 races to watch and the current outlook for each, based on merged ratings from four major election handicappers.

On the House side:
Rep. Xavier Becerra (D., Calif.), who has been criss-crossing the country to help support Democratic challengers, predicted Democrats will win the 30 seats needed to regain control of the House if Republican Donald Trump continues to stumble.

Could be nothing but the stories about Hillary’s health keep creeping up.

A New York Times reporter on answering questions why that paper is so biased summed up the race thusly. It is “Crooked Hillary versus Crazy Donald”, she indicated she feels much safer with Crooked. I bet a lot of people feel that way.

Did you see the story on Macy’s announcing they are closing 100 stores? How long before Donald Trump claims it’s because they stopped selling his ties and shirts?


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