One More Day

Editors note: Over the next week this report will be issued on a less frequent basis due to travel.


Wednesday was a day the MSM media and the Clinton machine tried hard to keep the focus on Trump and his second amendent comments. While conservatives started yelling loudly about her emails, the Clinton Foundation, the Orlando shooters father at the rally and the emerging story about how the DNC records were hacked and what happened to the leaker. There may finally be enough that the media will have to cover something. It won’t improve Trump’s image but could rock Hillary’s further.

Here’s a CNN report that questions the Department of Justice activity on Hillary and the Foundation, and even casts doubt on Hillary’s character, though they do end up with people supporting her and thrashing Trump.

Remember we told you to keep an eye out for stories about Hillary’s health. They are starting away from the MSM. Here’s one that uses the Judicial Watch email release to raise issues.

What will the Clinton camp do? Watch the call for Trump’s Taxes to build and gain coverage. This is going to come back and haunt Trump. The Democrats will raise it whenever they have trouble and want to divert the MSM.

Remember the story about Hillary getting a rapist off and laughing about it? Well the victim has come forward for the first time in 40 years. She is calling Hillary “a liar”. Where we have heard that before? (Not on the MSM of course). Here’s her story.

So far this week
Hillary’s surge has eased with all the negatives coming out that reinforce the questions of trustworthiness. Will anything stick? I doubt it. Remember we told you back when the FBI was looking into the emails, the Clintons go up to the line all the time. They let others walk over it. See  Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Trump hasn’t gained as he continues to allow the spotlight to shine in the wrong place. On Hillary Donald, on her you need it.


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