As We Settle In


What started out as quieter day on the trail with things appearing to finally settle in after the two conventions and the Trump Three Week Run of Mouth, two things happened.

First Trump went off script on Hillary, Supreme Court nominees and gun rights. He clearly sounded like he was hinting violence. An experienced politician (and dare I say, someone with a thought process) would have added “at the ballot box” and not left it out there like he did.

Then we learn that at Hillary’s speech in Florida, sitting behind her in clear view was the father of the Orlando shooter. How did that happen? Imagine if the father of the Charleston shooter would have been seated behind Trump at a rally. Yet the media was all over Trump and seemed to “short circuit” on this. They may be forced to cover this a little. But pay close attention at how well the Clinton machine plays this versus Trump. You’ll see why the polls are trending as they are.

So, even on a day Trump should have been basking in the glow of his economic plan and the manner he presented it the negative news over shadowed him:
1. He went off script as noted above.
2. The hit from Senator Susan Collins saying she won’t vote for him.
3. The list of fifty prominent Republicans calling him unfit hurt all day.
4. The ability of the Clinton machine to make this election about Trump.
New polls brought the news that the Clinton bump has locked in.
1. NBC released a new one showing Hillary up 10. Monmouth has it at 13.
2. State polls all showed Hillary up:
Penn. 10, Ohio 4, Florida 1, Georgia 7, NC 1, Virginia 12, Nevada 2
No good news in any poll for Trump.

Senate races will soon become the place to watch. Republican hold a 54-46 advantage. But they have 24 seats up this year and Democrats only 10. A four seat pick up gives the Democrats control. How does it look?
16 of the 24 seats look safe for Republicans today
9 of the 10 Democratic seats look safe for them

So the race for the senate is over 9 seats, 8 of which are Republican today.
Democrats need to win 4 of those seats to control the chamber (with a Dem VP)
Which states are in trouble?
Illinois with Republican Mark Kirk a likely loser
New Hampshire, where Republican Kelly Ayotte now trails by 10.
Penn where Republican Pat Toomey now trails by 2.
Wisconsin where Republican Ron Johnson trails by 5
One state where Rep. have a pick up chance is Nevada. The Reid seat.
Then there are toss ups all Republican held seats:
Florida, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Louisiana
Other seats could become a challenge as we get closer to November.

In the weeks ahead we’ll update this and provide projections on the electoral college as of that day. Want one today?
347 for Hillary   191 for Trump.  270 wins
Still 92 days to go.

Now two more major stories may be breaking this week.

Our friend Julian Assange hinted rather clearly that the DNC young staffer murdered in DC was a Wikileaks informer. When the staffer was murdered it was called robbery. However nothing was taken. Not his wallet, iPhone or watch. Interesting. Here’s a link to the breaking story.

The second is released emails gathered by Judicial Watch that are beginning to show a possible link between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. It will take the MSM some time to catch up to both these but they are potentially damaging.

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