Did Someone Reach Donald?


So by Friday night someone or group had reached Trump and he finally listened. He followed a script, endorsed the candidates he was feuding with and tried to put a finger in the huge hole in the dike he created. You just had the feeling as he finished that maybe the decline will end and 15 points behind is as far it goes for now; and maybe, just maybe, he can start to recover some ground. Maybe, just maybe now, he might turn the focus on Hillary and maybe, just maybe, the MSM can talk about her continued story telling. For on Friday she again defended her story to Chris Wallace that the FBI Director verified she was truthful. Truthful as in what she told them was the same as she was telling the public. If she persists in this, then maybe, just maybe, the public will realize this is a candidate who is incapable of being truthful.

Here’s Hillary double talking, but defending her comments. Now, she did this at a news conference, her first in three months. See why she stays silent. One Sunday show, and one news conference have created major issues for her. Exactly what does “short circuited” mean? http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/05/hillary-clinton-i-short-circuited-with-my-email-answers-video/

This Trump reversal came none too soon, in fact it came weeks late. He did much damage to himself and his party. The party cannot afford to lose any senate seats, and he helped drive one candidate he endorsed Friday, Kelly Ayotte from a one point lead to a ten point deficit. She may not recover. He drove the blue states he needs to turn from close to wide Hillary leads. He even drove safe or leaning Republican states like Georgia from an advantage to where he trails by four in the latest polls. He has much ground to make up in the next 93 days.

Had he continued down that path he was on it was raising the possibility that a third party like the Libertarians would not only get in the debate but challenge him. Now I don’t think they would pass him, because he does have a floor. I would think Donald’s bottom line is 30%. I think that number will back him no matter what he does. If he gets there, Hillary is so unpopular that I think 50% would never vote for her. So a third party could get into the high teens. Watch this going forward as the MSM will catch up to this.

Stay tuned to see what Trump we get going forward. That statement alone illustrates the major issue he has. Do people trust and want such a person leading the nation and with his finger on the button? He has to show a different side and reassure them. The good news for him is that he can do that easier than Hillary can change her imagine as someone who has trouble with the truth. If he does he can be competitive again, if not …..

Here’s an analysis on the third party candidacies if you want an overview on possible impact: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/clintons-third-party-headache-226700

One big advantage in October for Hillary is President Obama will be devoting his time to campaigning for her in key states and districts. He is popular with a devoted following, great on the hustings, and fully committed to defeating Trump whom he despises. With him, Bill and her VP they can hit four places at once. No past Republican luminaries have endorsed Trump must less go on the road for him.

Interesting Clinton campaign attack on Sunday shows and in MSM. They are attacking Melania as possibly being here illegally. Imagine that, the Democrats have found an immigrant they are against. Lucky she is in a sanctuary city.

Finally here’s a story you probably didn’t hear anything about. Why do you think this one has had no publicity? http://www.rawstory.com/2016/08/baltimore-officer-convicted-of-shooting-unarmed-suspect/

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