One Week After Conventions


I wish I could give the Trump supporters some good news, but …. Last week as the Democratic convention ended we predicted a big bump for Hillary. We said the post polls could have her up by even ten. Well with a “little” help from Donald himself she is there. The bad news is these polls we cited the past two days do not include all the Donald implosion  Next week is worse.

What’s funny is watching the MSM operate on him. Then see his supporters say they didn’t do this in the primary. Of course not. Think about it again. Who could Hillary beat easily? Donald and Cruz. Get it?

The beatdown continues today, while the Hillary protection goes on. Consider this.
1.  The $400 million dollars to Iran that got hostages released is a big anti Obama, thus Hillary issue, right? ABC’s GMA today did not even cover it in it’s first half hour. When does their rating drop off? After the first segment of course.
2.  Why didn’t the NYTimes write about the Chris Wallace lies by Hillary on Sunday? It was old news they said that they already had covered.
3.   Another Benghazi parent made it clear that Hillary lies to him directly and over the bodies about a “video” being responsible. Ty Woods Dad is so credible.How come this Gold Star family doesn’t matter to the MSM?

Where are we headed? Since Trump thinks all is well and he doesn’t need to change here it is.
1.  An electoral landslide for Hillary. More Ruth Bader Ginsburgs to the court, dominating your future, your kids and grandkids.
2.  I predict a Democratic Senate takeover. Luckily Harry Reid is retiring so he won’t be Senate Leader. Instead we get Chuck Schumer of NY and his arrogance.
3.  The House? The Dems will narrow the gap, but probably not get a majority. Big gains for sure though and Nancy Pelosi with more power.
4.  Democratic gains in Governorships across the country and state houses.

You’ll probably hear Donald talk today about his great fund raising in July. ($82 million). He raised almost as much as Hillary ($90 million). He will say most of it was from small donations and individual people. However reality is that July was his convention and high spot. Would you send him money today? Watch the fund raising disaster August will be.

In the meantime the Clintons run a classic campaign. Yesterday in Colorado she was at tie maker factory beating on Trump for his made in China ties. Everyday they beat on him with a message. Trump he is still beating on Republicans like McCain and Ryan. Great strategy Donald.

Hillary gave him more fodder on Monday when she promised to raise taxes. What? You didn’t see that on the MSM? Really? Here’s a link if you want, but don’t worry Donald is too busy to make sure we all know these things.

I wish I had better news to report …….

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