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I know after yesterday’s update you are looking for a more upbeat report. You will have to look elsewhere. The news supports our report. (Though I will offer one positive at the very bottom). First the newest polls have seen Hillary’s lead extend as far as 15 points. Plus, remember the blue states that Trump was going after and would turn the election? Remember when I called Pennsylvania “fools gold”? Here’s Clinton’s lead now in three of those targeted states.
Pennsylvania by 11. Michigan by 9, New Hampshire by 17.

Remember we told you this would impact the senate races. Well here in two of those states with Republican incumbents who led before are now.
New Hampshire the Democrat leads by 10. In Pennsylvania by 1.

The Presidency, Supreme Court and Senate are going as of now.

The Clinton machine are masters. Did you see the video with animal right protesters at her rally? The Secret Service charged the podium to protect her as they stopped them from moving in the aisle. Then Hillary says I know you are protesting Trump and they just seemed to have pictures of the hunting Trump kids. The pictures are just like the ones of that dentist who got into so much trouble for recently. It was staged, but you won’t hear that on the MSM.

One thing you can watch that could be significant. As Trump free falls (down to 33% in latest polls), Hillary hasn’t really skyrocketed. She hit 50 in two polls but considering the Trump free fall she should be higher. Which means people really don’t like her. So keep an eye on the third parties. Gary Johnson has hit ten per cent in some recent polls. If he gets to 15% he gets into the debates. The Libertarian platform appeals to both sides, and will offer those swaying on Hillary an option. It could be very interesting. The other candidate from the Green Party Jill Stein is too far away (4%) to make up the ground. She would take every vote from Hillary.  The MSM will catch up to this in a few weeks.

There was a reliable report yesterday that this run for the presidency has hurt Trumps businesses. His casino’s hotels and golf courses are down in business. The report said he was down 17% in June and 14% in July. Here’s the link if you want to read the story.

One more knock on him came from his ghost writer of the book Art of The Deal. He ripped Donald saying “he’s uniquely and disastrously unqualified for the job”, and on electing him “I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”. It gets worse from there. Here’s a link to the story.

The news this morning about 255,000 jobs being added last month is a further boon to Hillary. It hurts the attack on the economy and no doubt all day Hillary, Obama and the Democrats will be touting it.

The Good news? Hillary is still a proven liar.

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