What Now?


The challenge coming out of the conventions was who could paint the other as un-presidential. With a lot of help from Trump himself the Clinton camp has clearly won. With the help of the MSM the gap widens everyday and unless he does something dramatic this is heading for a monumental landslide. What should Trump do?

Step one is to get himself and the campaign under control. He shoots himself daily and now he is fighting the party leaders in public again. A divided minority party cannot compete.

Step two is to reinforce with facts and videos that Hillary has no core values and is untrustworthy. She is raising her stature and he has to establish that she is not worthy to be President. This has to happen now. Here’s the blue print.

  • She has no core values and is a proven liar. This is true her entire public life on little issues and big ones. It is true since she entered the workforce and went to Washington. Her leadership is this, take the pulse of the country’s movement, then change her values, and lie that she did.
         Sort of like the leader who looks out and sees a crowd and says find out where they are going so I can lead them. Not what we need at the top.
  • Then he has to cite examples like this, using  her words beginning with her start:
    • Watergate:  How many know she was fired from the investigatation committee — by a Democratic leader? Why? “Because she was a liar” Imagine that, 1975. Think of the picture you can start to build and paint.
    • She lied about her name: She claimed to be named after Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first men to climb Mt. Everest. One small problem though, the explorer didn’t climb Everest until Clinton was 6 years old. Who lies about that?
    • She lied about her ancestry: Immigrant Grandparents – When discussing immigrant stories, Clinton asserted that “all my grandparents… came over here.” When checked it was found she had  one grandparent immigrant.
    • A funny one: Remember Bill’s love story at the convention and her finally agreeing to marry him in 1975. Do you know she said she went to join the marines in 1975 but they rejected her? She said so. Yet we know that she and Bill wrote they “loathe the military”.
    • Equality in marriage? Do you know she ran against gay marriage? Today she is a leading proponent. In 2014 she denied changing her position. Video below.
    • Progressive? Watch her call herself a moderate one year when it was popular to be center. Then a progressive when it was a political advantage. Video below.
    • Private Server: Of course we are all aware of her lying on the emails. This includes her “private emails with her husband” who is on the tape saying he only did “two emails” in his life. Video below.
    • Is she for or against Wall Street? Her contributions from them are enormous and her statements are on both sides. Video below.
    • Bosnia and Under Attack. Remember when she “came under fire” upon landing in Bosnia? Watch the tape and see the comments and tarmac activity. Look at she lies in the face of clear evidence. Video below.
    • NAFTA? A key issue today watch how she changes positions on it and lies about it. Video below.
    • Guns? In 2008 Hillary was with the country and so pro guns that Barack Obama called her “Annie Oakley” Today not so much. Video below.
    • Character. The Clintons are the only ones I know that had to return goods to the White House that they took with them upon leaving. The House committee said it was $396,000 of goods. The Clintons claimed $190,000. They returned $28,000 of goods and paid a bill of $86,000 after government pursuit. Article below.
    • And Still today: The clip from Sunday in which she denies the Comey press conference and truths. Video below
    • Get Hillary to answer do Black Lives Matter or ALL Lives Matter? Below is the clip from the Democratic debate where Bernie said BLM and O’Malley said “All” and had to apologize. Anderson Cooper protects her from answering. We want to know. So does the BLM movement.
    • She mislead in her acceptance speech, but the MSM forgot to cover it. Video and article below.
  • Videos in her own words:

So you get the idea. From the outset her integrity has been in question. People are realizing it now. Reinforce it. Donald, she says your temperament is wrong, her character is wrong. Get busy. If you can execute this we’ll give you the next step.

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