The Gap Is Widening


As reported yesterday the newer polls would begin to flow Monday reflecting the conventions. The CNN poll reversed a three point Trump lead to a 52-43 Hillary advantage. The updated NBC poll had her up 50-42. Notice both polls had her over the magic number of 50. I suspect with the negative MSM coverage that gap will show up elsewhere and unless Donald learns to zip it the gap will widen more.

The MSM playing over and over the speech by Mr Khan and then interviewing him and his wife live is adding to the image of an out of control Trump. The coverage has been so broad, constant and attacking that they have Republicans on the defense and having to disavow their own candiate. Unprecedented. Plus Trump has made Obama and Clinton look like the heroes to the military. Imagine that.  Even the VFW attached Trump while Obama got an ovation.

Did you see the Hillary lying to Chris Wallace video on any station outside Fox? Did you see the Gold Star Mom Pat Smith and her saying Hillary lied to her on any station? I saw one. The MSM is truly dishonest. Here are some stats:

The coverage of Khan is 55 times the coverage of Smith.

Add that there was 12 times more negative media coverage of the RNC than DNC. Yet is was the DNC that had the demonstrations.

One more thing in the CNN poll. Hillary’s favorable rating was up 3 points to 42. Trumps was down 10 points to 33. Republicans nominated one of the two candidates they had who could make her look good.

Barring a major negative event for Hillary the real possibility of an electoral landslide I referenced yesterday is enhanced today. What could that event be?

  1. A Wikileaks release that gets right to her. Either on proving more lies or a tie to the Clinton Foundation funding. Julian Assange was actually on CNN yesterday and said they were coming. We’ll see.
  2.  She falls apart in the debates. Not likely for two reasons. One she is very experienced and second the MSM will protect her. (See CNN’s Candy Crowley protecting Obama on Benghazi from the Romney attack in 2012).
  3. Trump shuts up, actually acts like a candidate people can trust. Then runs a brilliant campaign showing clearly Hillary can’t be trusted. Not likely.
  4. Trump and his supporters create an ‘us versus them” against the media.

So I guess his supporters are left rooting for number one, praying for number 3 and shouting number 4. Imagine having to rely on hacked material to prove your candidate viable and the other untrustworthy.

Tomorrow barring any major event I will share her words and how the attack could be conducted.

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