Assessing the landscape


It’s the week after the conventions let’s take a look at the race.

The Clinton bounce after her convention seems to be settling in where we predicted. The CBS poll this AM has her up 7 after they were tied in the last one. Three polls released over the weekend show her up. Reuters and PPP have her up 5. A third poll has her up 3. Interestingly the four way races (including Johnson and Stein) show a closer race. More post convention polls to come today. She is ahead and the Trump issue with the Muslim family this weekend will not help him. The MSM media has been unrelenting on talking about this. Watch for the gap to widen.

Trump magnified the issue with his “thoughts” that the wife didn’t speak because of Muslin tradition. He just keeps digging deeper. All he needed to say from the outset was “I want a vetting system so good Muslims like this family can come to America and their children serve as this brave young man did. We honor him”. Was that so hard?

The electoral map looks daunting for Trump. He needs Florida in any scenario and it is dead even today. He needs Ohio and it is dead even. He is going all out for blue state Pennsylvania. But some call that “fools gold”. Every four years it is identified as an opportunity and yet for almost 30 years (1988) it has been solid Democrat. RCP has her ahead by 3+ there right now. An electoral landscape today looks more likely than a Trump win.

I know his supporters say “wait until the debates”. But I repeat, she is a master politician and knows the issues. He has trouble with them and needs to stop saying he is going to destroy her. The last thing he needs is to raise expectations. He should be saying “I am not a politician and she is, this is her venue”. He needs to raise the expectations for her and then stand even with her on her stage. He wins that. Raising the bar for himself is another mistake he is making.

Then he added that the NFL sent him a letter about the debates conflicting with games and that is bad for both. The NFL says no letter was ever sent. He seemed to not know Russia was in the Ukraine and was designing policy to keep them out. Hello Donald!

On yea, Mitt Romney spoke this weekend. He said “I think Trump can win”. Really Mitt? Stop embarrassing yourself already.

The last night of the RNC and Trumps speech trounced Hillary’s last night (32.2 to 29.8 Million). If he could only control his mouth.

The MSM is out in full force. James Woods tweeted this yesterday:
“Face it. Without absolutely OWNING the #lapdog #liberal media, #HillaryClinton wouldn’t stand a chance. #VoterFraud and #MSM her only hope”. A lot of truth there. Two examples from yesterday alone:

  1. Hillary lied in her Sunday AM interview with Chris Wallace. She said straight out that the FBI said she didn’t lie to the American people. Not much coverage of this though. Why? In fact the Washington Post this AM gave the statement four Pinocchio’s. Link below.
  2. Second she called Benghazi Mother Pat Smith a liar that she (Hillary) told her it was about a video over the bodies. Any coverage of this Mother? No just the Muslim Father attacking Trump.Why?

It’s too hard to win as a divided minority party and the MSM so biased.…

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