Conventions End


So after two weeks the conventions end. Now we settle in for the next 101 days until America speaks. The Democrats had a solid week and really dumped on Trump. Their goal to make “unimaginable” that he could be President. While Republicans must make Hillary so untrustworthy you cannot vote for her. Get ready.

I think Hillary will get a good boost from this convention and the numbers turn to show her with a 4-5 point lead next week. Democrats just have a built in a advantage with African Americans, Hispanics, young voters and self defined liberals. Unless some unforeseen event occurs (like condemning emails show up), I give her over an 80% chance of winning. Donald Trump may have lost this election when he came down that elevator to announce and called Mexicans killers and rapists.

The contrast in the parties is clear and was evident in the conventions. There was no hiding them. Plus Nancy Pelosi made it clear when she said “I think that, so many times, white — non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s, God being the woman’s right to choose”. Her buddy Harry Reid went so far as to say the briefings that Donald Trump gets as a Presidential candidate should not be allowed to the full extent. He said “you cannot trust him”.

Trump’s problem is as I have noted earlier is fourfold. 1. He is leading the minority party. 2. That party is not behind him totally. The popular Governor of the must win state of Ohio didn’t even walk inside the convention. In a tied state he (Kasich) is not going to help him. How is he going to win Ohio then? 3.The MSM is against him and for his opponent. 4. He leads with his mouth and that is trouble.

The debates? Remember, she is an experienced political debater and he is not. She knows political double talk around issues, see her congressional testimonies. He knows one way, direct. In the primaries he had multiple candidates on stage and it got personal. These debates are different.

Going into last night the Democratic convention had 25% higher ratings than the Republican one. CNN was dominating the numbers. MSNBC was second. ABC third. Fox trailed this week.

Want some good news? The NY Times lost money as it reported it second quarter earnings. Print and digital sales were down and they lost $211,000.

More good news? Susan Sarandon tweeted ‘I’m out’ after confirming she had ‘the worst time’ at the Democratic National Convention. One liberal Hollywood star down. She was for Bernie.

Sadly another police officer shot dead and a second wounded in San Diego last night. Law enforcement deaths are up about 80% YTD vs. last year. The view on police shows the divide in the parties as much as anything.

Onto the weekend.

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