Day Three


Well for the Democrats they set out to humanize Hillary and obliterate Trump. They are succeeding with strong speeches, positioning, lots of help from the MSM and their opponent. I can feel the reverse in the Trump bump that will show up in next Monday’s polls.

For the Democrats all is well. The economy is moving in the right direction. Obamacare is terrific. ISIS is on the run, no need to talk about them. The streets are safe and America was never better. A stark contrast from the words last week at the other convention.

With that difference the election is even so who can make the other side appear so wild they can never be President. The anti vote will determine this race. Who do you think is doing that better so far?

Trump managed to get himself in trouble with emails. Think about that. Emails. The Hillary issue. First with the private server. Then the Wikileaks release. Yet today who is in trouble with the MSM on emails? Trump. I watched his press conference yesterday and the media asked about ten times if he was working with Russia to release these emails. First of all, Trump holds press conferences, when did Hillary hold one last? it is months. How does a candidate get away without talking to the press? Be a Democrat liberal is how.

Anyway in the conference Trump kept blasting away at what was in the released emails as the press tried over and over to support the Democratic narrative that he was working with Putin on them. Finally he said “I never even met Putin, I have no businesses in Russia”. They were shocked. Then he said they probably have emails from her server, referring to the DNC batch I thought, and said Russia “release them”. All of a sudden later in the day the Clinton machine and her supportive press are saying he wants Russia to hack her. I heard, they were already hacked and if they had the messages that Hillary said were “personal” to release them. A big difference, but in the MSM today they want to indict Trump for asking a foreign power to hack us.

Trump needs to learn self control to have any chance. I just don’t think he can. He is too much about himself and the Kaine mockery of his “Believe me” is something I have commented about it. This is the big prize you are after, we need more than that.

A few other observations from yesterday and the Democratic convention.          No mention of the horrific priest beheading in France.                                         I understand they don’t allow any uniformed police on the floor. True?          Did you see when Panetta  mentioned ISIS how the place erupted in protest?                                                                                                         Does Kaine speaking Spanish make a difference or is it a negative?

Lastly did you notice that the Baltimore prosecutor dropped the charges against all six police officers? She did so while still attacking their reputations. Who pays for the riots that followed, the business that were destroyed and the lives disrupted? The good news is the police are suing the prosecutors office.


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